4 thoughts on “The US is a developed country in name only

    • I remember life before HMO’s and PPO’s. Doctor’s fees could be carried in one pocket and hospitalization was not a step toward bankruptcy.
      Our politicians, all parties, in order to receive campaign money, allowed industry lobbyists to write the laws best suited for them. Whatever that industry might be. Lawyers and money managers took over legislation. It may take them a few years, but capitalist lobbyists can eventually turn a good public policy into a good money maker for their industry.

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      • Hello Cagjr. Yes, and I wonder how long it will take to reverse the situation? How will we get money out of politics. Because politicians wont work for the people until the dark money stops. Hugs


    • Hello Polly. Yes, I can agree with that. Things use to be easier for the lower incomes and “middle class”. The thing is the economy was better for everyone including the companies and the wealthy when people had more money to spend. Now people have so little disposable income a lot of businesses that use to cater to recreation of the middle class have ceased to be in business. What bothers me is the propaganda the wealthy upper class has convinced the lower class to accept is that live is supposed to be hard, a struggle, and to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the country is theft. The asshole Rand Paul was on the Senate floor saying that the $600 Covid relief for people was wrong and the people shouldn’t be given any money. I am really tired of multimillionaires telling me I shouldn’t expect my government to use public tax dollars to help the public. However the same bill that he thinks shouldn’t give the public money includes a doubling of the budget for the private medical clinic in the capital that the congress uses to get their medical needs taken care of, staffed and paid for and even run by the US government. Self serving bastards. Hugs


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