Wealthy Republican gets a cut of the public treasury, denies government help to people in need

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Republican gets a cut of the public treasury, denies government help to people in need

  • Oh but HER situation (and others like her) are different, doncha’ know? They “need” the subsidies so they can continue to live in the style to which they have been accustomed. No surprise she backs Trump and his insanity.

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    • Hello Nan. You said it, they style she is accustom to. One of the biggest scams wealthy Republicans have done is to convince the party members that Democrats are elites that demand privilege. They have convinced the party members that anything the government does for the people is welfare and against freedom, while anything the government does for the wealthy is helping the economy to make America great again. I often wonder why regular Republicans think people having a better life and getting healthcare is a bad thing? Don’t they want a better life? Hugs


  • As the old saying goes ” The rich get richer and the poor get poorer ” It appears to be the topical Republican mind set under the tRump administration. Those in power and the rich elite who back them view themselves as the chosen ones while they view the rest of us as minions who exist only to serve them.

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    • Hello Recall369. I agree. It is a pattern I would love to see broken. The wealthy upper class believes that government exists to serve them, but that government must never work for the lower class. They buy the politicians to ensure that idea stays firmly in place. Hugs

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      • I strongly agree and sincerely hope that things will drastically change given time under the Biden administration.
        Thanks for following me and I hope that you find my blog as interesting as I find yours. Please feel free to use any of my posts for your blog as you may see fit.

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    • Hello Polly. Yes at a certain wealth level the upper class starts to see the lower class as not human, not like them. It is a weird mind set that allows them to disregard the suffering and needs of the poor. The idea that the those with money are better or more deserving due to simply having money is something cultivated by the wealthy, especially by prosperity preachers. We have to teach people that money is not a measure of a persons worth. Hugs


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