17 thoughts on “Christian Republican thinks helping poor people is wrong, he really said this.

  • Scottie, I guess he forgot that Jesus said something about when doing something for the least of these, you also do for me. That Gandhi fellow said something about measuring a community’s greatness by how they help the less fortunate. This “prosperity doctrine” is a long way from what those religious texts said. You may recall the flak Joel Osteen got for not opening his church to the Houston hurricane flood victims. He did only after the spotlight was shone – something about recent improvements inside. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. As I started to read your comment I was thinking of Osteen and the incident you mentioned. Great minds, right? Yet for his congregants and the wealthy he was correct to do that. They feel god is like them, loves the wealthy. The reason they give is the message that god loves the wealthy and if you give enough god will love you. So they want to be wealthy, which yes we all want to not worry about bills nor go hungry, they give to the god they hope will make them wealthy. It is a lottery system but instead of to the state and a knowledge someone gets a payout, they pay it to their church hoping their god will reward them next. But no one gets to see the audit of the payouts.

      Keith, how do we reach those people. I am not talking how do we take someone’s personal faith in a deity from them, I am asking how we spark humanity in those who value money more than human life while bragging being pro-life? Hugs


      • Scottie, when we can get this person who sucks the air out of the room to leave the White House, we can again focus more on issues and not him. I think we need to reach out with issues that impact us all and offers suggestions and solicit the same. I send out a weekly email to about 200 folks, but far too many have been about this person and what he has done. I am trying to send out more global topics that gets feedback from many, not just a few. The one on “Fierce Kindness” I sent was one of them. Will this work? A little, but it is a start. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I was listening to the young Turks this morning. They mentioned how 41 Democrats voted with Republicans to go ahead with the bloated defense bill and kill the stand alone $2000 money for the people, letting McConnell from stuffing that bill with poison pills for both parties. The idea is to drive the people to desperation so that the wages can go lower than China and other low wage countries, so the wealthy can do manufacturing here again. They want to destroy the workers and their lives for profit. I am beginning to think we do need a revolution. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Are you not sure that is what they call the disgusting stuff they look down on? Afterall, they have to have a word for those not in their wealth level, those they can sneer at. Hugs


      • Certainly there are those who are “poorer” … MANY of them. But among the rich, they have no concept of the word “poor” since it’s not in their everyday vocabulary.

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  • Hey, Scottie. We aren’t even pretending surprise, are we? It has been like this for most of our history but now these brutish people see the exit up ahead and are speeding up the train wreck. Saying all the quiet things out loud and intentionally. Their objective is to keep the masses beat down, poor, and helpless. When I say “they,” I mean not just the Republicans, but the capitalists and the church which direct them. Remember slavery? In their eyes, we are all either sub-human or of such little consequence, we are not worth consideration.

    Jay Gould always comes to my mind, I suppose because he was the epitome of the robber barons of the 1800s. One of his more showing statements was that he could hire “one-half of the working class to kill the other half,” and he proved he was right at the first uprising of the labor force. Our only value to them is to keep the wheels of industry turning and to return our wages to them in the form of unfair tax laws, which they write.

    We can thank the Trump administration for bringing this attitude out into the light of day.

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    • Hello Cagjr. That is why it is a catch 22 for the wealthy to fight the government giving out money to the average person. On one hand they know that money will eventually get to them, but on the other hand they do not want lower class people to get the idea the government can help them in anyway. That right is reserved for the wealthy. You said it well.

      I looked Gould, what a scum. He would do well today. Hard to understand why the average person today is impressed with capitalist’s like him? Hugs


  • I had to come back to this to explain my comments. I don’t try too had to be fair to Christians, but I need to make a distinction between Christians and Real Christians. Those high-profile Christians who are in an alliance with GOP right-winger and capitalism in general, call themselves the real Christians, and any Christians who do not agree with their agenda are on the same plane as Islam and Jainism. They (you) do not count as a religion. The Christian religion has been hijacked the same way as ISIS and other terrorists hijacked Islam.

    These Real Christians do not believe that a Christian can be a Democrat. Some of their preachers call for Democrats and Aethist to be lined up and shot, making acceptance for Christian Democrats.

    C. Peter Wagner:
    “The practical theology that best builds a foundation under social transformation is dominion theology, sometimes called ‘Kingdom now.’ Its history can be traced back through R.J. Rushdoony and Abraham Kuyper to John Calvin.”
    Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers (p. 123). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

    They are also part of the ‘Seven Mountains’ agenda whereby they plan to assume control of every function of society and put it all under the ‘Laws of God’ according to OT scripture. If this sounds like it is leading to some great free society, then you need to take a second look or three. Religion is all about managing society. The priesthood or the hierarchy is about managing religion. Power, laws, and enforcement flow down from the top. There is only so much room at the top and you are not there.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I describe it as personal faith vs public religion. A personal faith is internal, used as a guide to how the person lives their life, it is never pushed on others but will be shared if asked about. Religion on the other hand is external, used as a guide to how others should live their lives, pushed on others, and worn as a badge to be shown to others as often as possible.

      Personal faith can be a code for how I should live, religion is a code for how you should live.

      I don’t mind people who have a life code or personal faith as they do not require me to live as they do. I detest religions as they try to make me live by their church doctrines as if they had the right to control me instead of trying to control themselves. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve. I slept most of the day, went to bed at 6:30 PM. Got up at 11:20 PM to have a glass of sparkling wine with Ron at midnight. Then we both went to bed.

          I have been accused of being against faith and personal beliefs. I am not. But I am against the corporate business of selling salvation while using behavior control of the masses to move money from the lower-level worshipers to the elite leaders at the top. As that seems to be most believers and the religions most heard about, I guess it is fair to say I am against them. Hugs


          • I was in bed and asleep when 2021 popped on the scene. I’m an early-to-bed/early-to-rise type of person and midnight activities (of any kind) generally go on without me. However, having said that, I do think some of the neighborhood celebratory noises got to me as I didn’t sleep restfully, which means my first day of the new year will probably be a “drag.”

            I think you and Ron did it right!

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            • Hello Nan. I am struggling to stay awake. For most of my life I got up between 4 and 5 AM. Now I am struggling to get myself up by 6:30 AM. By 11 I can hardly stay awake. Then I have to go to sleep for three or more hours. Then up for a few hours and then back to bed. It seems every three to four hours I get really sleepy. I got to bed and I do sleep. Not sure what is happening. It is really keeping me off the computers and pads. I am drinking lots of coffee to try to stay awake. Ron is amazed I can sleep at night with the amount of coffee, but I am not having any trouble sleeping. 😀😂😃🙄😏😴 Hugs


              • It would seem apparent to me that you have a sleep disorder. There are several causes (Google) including medication. Since you take several, perhaps one of them (perhaps a new one?) is causing your sleepiness. In any case, it’s not normal and I urge you to talk to a medical health person.

                BTW. too much caffeine (vis the coffee) isn’t good for you either …

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