6 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Covid is still a problem and will spread fast during the holidays making January sickness numbers soar

    • Hello Nan. Yesterday was great. We had a grand meal and spent the day together. Today we both slept most of the day. Later today after my back ups get done I will wipe both drives of the main computer. very tired today.

      I hope you had a great day also. Did you get to do what you wished to? Hugs


      • Nice to read that it was a good day!

        I ordered a new watch (solar-powered because I was tired of dead batteries) with a few diamonds and a mother-of-pearl face — and that was my gift from my other half. I got him a new electric recliner a couple of weeks ago (early to miss the shopping crowds) and he’s been enjoying it. We rarely “surprise” each other anymore.

        For our holiday dinner, we had ham (my favorite), scalloped potatoes, and green beans. NO dessert!! I’m staying away from sweets and he’s cutting back.

        I’ll offer my usual unsolicited advice … Don’t Overdo! But enjoy the day.

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        • Hello Nan. We had prime rib, sliced seasoned baked potatoes, and broccoli with garlic butter. Ron made an apple pie but I was too full to enjoy it last night, so I had a slice this morning.

          We also do not really exchange gifts being of the age where we have most of what we want and if we do want something we just get it. I am not sure what day but I found some computer parts I liked on amazon and while looking came across a two level bread box he like, we got them. Mostly we are really enjoying the freedom to do what makes us happy, I in my office and he in the open kitchen living room with his shows on. We enjoy knowing the other is there if we want to share something, but both of us have our own worlds. He spent a lot of time on the phone with his family, and I texted a couple people season greetings.

          Ron use to have a espresso maker years ago, but when he started tearing out the kitchen he did not have room for it, so he gave it away. He got another one this Christmas and today he got it out and with out reading the directions because he knows how to do it of course, he started to make his first cup. He coated the kitchen in a nice freshly frothed cup of milk as he forgot to clear the frothing tube first, and it was everywhere, him, his phone, the walls, counter, everywhere. I was proud of the machine for that kind of power. He still is not sure how he got water in the steam tube? I can not talk, last night I dumped my big glass of punch all over my desk and the floor. It was everywhere also, in and under all the equipment. He helped clean it up. Had to mope the floor twice.

          On another note. We have been seeing all the older folk ( and the new few younger folks moving in ) who seem to think Covid is over gathering and socializing with no masks. Well before Christmas we got a text from a person in the park who did not wear a mask that she had it, and on Christmas day we got a text her hubby has it also. He has just found god and has been going to the church down the road a mile, they don’t wear masks either. I wonder how many have it now. In January we expect it to run through our park, so many had gatherings all week, but we stayed away.

          I still have to drop you an email about Ron’s brother, but for now know he is in assisted living. That is a miracle in it self, we watched a friend’s husband die waiting to get a room. Hugs.

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        • Hello Nan. As for not over doing it today, no problem. I slept in as I couldn’t seem to get going. Got up at 5:30. Did the morning roundup. At 9 went back to bed. At Noon Ron also came in for a nap. We got up at 2:30. I slept most of the day. I feel like I could go back to sleep right now. So no overdoing today unless you mean sleeping. Hugs

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