4 thoughts on “It is all in how you look at it

  • Actually Jesus was born in the spring. The exact date we will never know. He wasn’t born in the manger either. The Bible only says he was found there. Back then mothers would go to the caves outside the city along with the midwife. She would give birth in the cave and rest there for several days until she was strong enough to travel. Then she would return home with the baby.

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        • Hello Doug. We did thank you. We spent the time together at home. Our son had come over a few days before Christmas and got the cookies and ice cream we made for him and his girlfriend. We have had a small issue with fatigue, and we want to nap / sleep a lot. Maybe it is we are getting older or 2020 is just getting to us? Hope when you say you are busy it is a good busy and not something bad.


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