Why is there two different standards that basically become it is OK when Republicans do it?

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Liberal Memes
Liberal Memes
Liberal Memes

4 thoughts on “Why is there two different standards that basically become it is OK when Republicans do it?


    But I especially liked the one by James Ellars.

    This situation is so pukingly disgusting it makes me want to start reading fairy tales to take my mind off the CRAP!

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    • Hello Nan. The one you mention is the one that use to be most dangerous to Republicans, the cutting of the military budget. They even ran against the fake defund the police stance they claimed the Democrats had. Yet here is a bunch of them supporting tRump defunding the military. Yes tRump by his veto defunded the military, the Republican third rail. Then Republican congress people voted to support that. Why are the Democrats not yelling that from the rooftops? Republicans would be hitting Democrats over the head with it. That is the difference between parties, the Republicans are ruthless, doing anything to gain or keep power, Democrats try to be adults and honor decorum. Hugs

      OT. I agree with needing a diversion. Unfortunately I got mine 3 days ago when I noticed one computer running bots from Iran and the other running bots from China. I noticed this because my switching mouse and keyboard from computers stopped being seamless and started hanging up and sometimes refusing to do so. I did a google search from the different computers on different browsers. When using the Firefox browser, one came back in Chinese and the other in Farsi.

      So having had minor problems with this before and sometimes even major problems I did the normal things to clear it. It wouldn’t clear. I worked to dump and reload the computers, dump them again and find out where the malware was hiding.

      I got it totally cleared from one computer, but the main blogging computer still had it resurface every time I loaded and tried to use the Firefox browser. So After two days of basically stripping the computers down to the basics and reinstalling them I realized I wouldn’t be able to clear the browsing computer if I wanted to run Firefox, which I needed to do to do the morning roundup. So yesterday after working most of the day to fix it, I came to a decision, as both computers are almost the same with power and video graphics, I decided to switch them. I made the blogging computer the new video one so I wouldn’t need to install the Firefox browser and I made the video computer the new blogging one. Which meant I had to change a bunch of the cables. I got it done and this morning I installed and proofed the software. So far no sign of the malware. Let’s hope it stays that way. But I will have to remember to use the now video computer for the worst of the far-right websites and suspected bad sites and see if I can keep the blogging computer malware free. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Thank you, but you give me too much credit. I wish now I had gone to school for computer network management or even computer design. I have taught myself some stuff, and I can do most repairs on desktops. I have repaired laptops but that is a pain and very time consuming. I just wish I would stop picking up malware or whatever it is I get into. Hugs

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