5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Pence, analogies, and the working class….

  • Scottie, the analogy I like to use is looking forward from Reagan’s major tax cut in the early 1980s, while standing, take your left arm with palm down, point it straight out from your shoulder in front of you. Now angle it up about 10 degrees. Take your right arm and do the same. Then angle it about 60 degrees. The left arm represents the wage growth for the working lower class while the right arm represents the wage growth for the elite. Note the Reagan tax cut did not do this by itself – technology, outsourcing, offshoring, union busting, stock options, etc. helped. If you don’t like that analogy, CEOs in America make a ratio of about 350 to 1 (this is an old stat) relative to the CEO’s workers. This ratio dwarfs over that of other countries’ CEOs. I can assure you that US CEOs are not that more valuable than those in other countries, if at all. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. What you describe is true, but the problem is the messaging to the right wing is that this is not a problem, when it clearly is. The wealthy and the right-wing media they support want to deny the problem this causes so they can continue to pluck the goose, they can continue to raid the public treasury before they skip off to another country that has better living conditions even though they charge more in taxes. Remember that these raiders can afford the good things, they can travel to where it is better, they are not stuck with no hope like the rest of us. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. Better be careful, if I did not know better, I would suspect you of becoming a progressive. You know, someone who wants that everyone has at least the basics of food and shelter, and that life is not a struggle to survive, that everyone has an equal opportunity. Heck you might be mistaken for a Democrat. (gasp) 😂🤣😁👍👍

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      • Scottie, this is calling out greed. I like data and the book called “Capital” noted the most prolific time in America’s economy was in the 1950s when were the most taxed. We had strong unions and middle class and growth to support people. Now, we have this trickle down BS that has been proven not to work in five separate studies, one by the Congressional Research Service, a nonpartisan group.

        I have said for over ten years, most Republicans are voting against their economic interests and have no idea they are. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Wow. I need to get that book. I have been using those same arguments and time frames in discussions with both Dylan and Ragnarbhut about taxes and the economy. Have you followed any of the comments and replies? Hugs


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