2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: People don’t understand this is tRump’s version of good behavior

  • Sad … but oh-so-relevant … is the one with the doc holding up the glass ball with all the people inside.

    I hate to share it, but I got a text from my oldest daughter and she was fixing a holiday dinner for approximately 10-12 people. Since she lives in Central California and the weather there tends to be very temperate, I’m HOPING it will be an outdoor event. If not … 😕

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    • Hello Nan. I posted one that is split in two panels. One a woman says she is flying because she wants to be home with family, the other shows a hospital worker saying she wished she could be home with her family also, which cannot happen if people keep getting sick.

      I am sorry for your daughter and her friends. Have you seen the reports from L.A. County hospitals? They are on the verge of a disaster. One person every ten minutes dies. Increase of 600%, and the hospitals are so over run they are using places like gift shop, chapels, and conference rooms into patient care rooms. In one hospital it was taking over 18 hours for an ICU bed and people were dying before they got them.

      I hope she will be safe and not catch it. I wish these people who deny it or the deaths it causes would talk to people working in these hospitals. A 41 year old US House Rep-Elect Luke Letlow Died Of COVID, so this should wake up Republicans that young healthy Republicans can die of it also. Hugs

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