5 thoughts on “CNN: Double winter storms will bring snow and ice for New Year’s Eve

  • Yeah, DH is an electrical lineman as profession; a Master Electrician and a Chemical Engineer as credentialed. He’s not looking forward to this weekend; where we live could make it with no outages, but Mutual Aid will go into effect ASAP for areas who lose power due to ice. He’s intending to retire in just 2 months, but meanwhile, he does have to show up. His favorite co-worker is on call this weekend. Please have a good thought for the people who maintain and restore power to the rest of us, OK? 🙂

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    • Hello Ali. You bet. I also will be thinking of the people who heat by electric and when the power goes out lose all their heat. Speaking of that, the states have no money for the low-income fuel funds this year. it is going to be a cold year for far too many. Hugs

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      • KS got some LIEAP (low income energy assistance program) funds last week, so KS will be able to keep the program running this year. It was a close one. I hope other states have received some, as well. I was surprised; our legislature is batcrap crazy Republican, but our governor is a right-center Democrat, so I was concerned about this, too. Our local ministerial alliance, who tends to step in with rental and utility help, has suffered from loss of ministers to run it. But, it’s gonna be OK, this year.

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  • I have to report here that our storms were not nearly so bad as forecast, here in KS. We got snow, it’s just beautiful (I’m a snow-lover,) and everything will be melted by tomorrow evening. However, MO is not faring as well, it doesn’t appear. I’m sorry about that.

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