Cult Or Country?

The party that went after Bill Clinton over his lack of family values and for having multiple affairs turned around and backed Mr. Grab-Them-By-The-Pussy. They supported a man who boasted about cheating on his wife and assaulting women…while he had a newborn child at home. They supported the guy who boasted about barging in on naked teenage girls. The supported the guy who divorced twice, cheated on all three of his wives, and has five children with three different women. They supported the guy who has nearly 30 accusations ranging from assault to rape. They supported the guy who looked at a child and said, “I’ll be dating her in a few years.” They supported the guy who talks about dating his daughter and grades her figure. Republicans lied about being the party of family values. If anything, they’re the party of icky creepy fuckers.



For years, decades even, Republicans were lying to us. They told us they were “fiscal” conservatives. They said they were for family values. They ran on religion as if the other party consisted entirely of heathens and atheists. They wrapped themselves in the flag and said they were more more patriotic than Democrats. And they told us they support our troops.

We’ve always known they were lying about the fiscal thing. The last time there was a balanced budget under a Republican was during the Eisenhower administration. Republicans spend more than Democrats. The debt increases more under Republicans. Republicans give permanent tax cuts to billionaire assholes and corporations. They finance wars with tax cuts to billionaires. And the only time you hear Republicans talk about controlling spending is when Democrats have the White House. But it took Donald Trump for Republicans to reveal all their other positions were lies. Funny…

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4 thoughts on “Cult Or Country?

  • He writes REALLY good posts! Zeros in on the Republicans and their shenanigans with superb aplomb. Too bad Republicans don’t read what he writes. They might learn a few things.

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  • Wasn’t it GFY Cheney who said out loud that everyone knows deficits don’t matter? We already know that deficits only matter when Democrats are in charge. It’s time to take charge of this, and fix stuff. IMO.

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    • Hello Ali. I agree, and it has gotten to be a huge farce that McConnell said on the Senate floor that Democrats were trying to rush out borrowed money to give to rich friends who don’t need it. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black? The very thing Republicans do constantly they are now denying doing and blaming the Democrats.

      The Republicans under tRump gave the wealthy and corporations so much money it added 8.3 trillion to the debt. Yes that much went to wealthy people, did the rest of us get much?

      Ali I have been wondering why the Republicans do not want the people at to have anything, anything at all including food? Then I figured it out. The wealthy want the workers in our country so destroyed they can treat them like poor country workers, low wages, long hours, no safety rules, no government over site, no healthcare or other benefits. The wealthy already own the Republicans and most of the Democrats, so all they need is to destroy the lower class workers. They are close to winning, and we must stand up to them or all is lost.

      The Republicans know it is a game, they believe they are in elected positions to only enrich themselves. To do that they must keep the big money donors happy. Sadly too many corporate Democrats agree with them. Hugs

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