12 thoughts on “Economist: $2,000 Stimulus Checks A ‘Much Needed Lift’ For Struggling Families | Katy Tur | MSNBC

  • Hi, Scottie – “We simply can’t afford to pay people more for sitting at home, than they would make working.”
    “This would set a terrible precedent; the citizens would come to expect to get free money every time there’s a minor crisis…”

    This is deliberate, this is just another example of how they really feel about the “little guy,” people like you and me. Besides, as well, it further monkey-wrenches the economy, so that in two short years, when a number of congress-critters come up for reelection, and things are still a mess because of their obstructionism, the Rethugs will be sure to shout loudly, “Look at how badly Biden’s screwed things up! If we get elected/reelected, we’ll be the only ones capable of fixing this horrible situation!”

    And with tRump fanning the flames, it will likely work. We’ll never be rid of these pestilent MFers.

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    • Hello Dennis. I fear you are correct on all of it. I love how congress sat at home drawing their salary when denying the people any money to survive.

      What no one seems to ask these Republicans and corporate Democrats is why they keep saying the US cannot do it, and yet every advanced country has been doing it. They used government to pay out of the public treasury the funds needed to keep people able to pay their bills and to buy groceries and pay rents / mortgages. They did it, yet wealthy USA cannot?

      The problem is how they see the people. We are nothing to them, simply cogs to make their money and feed their egos. We are disposable. We are cannon fodder. When these governors such as DeSantis were demanding kids go back to public schools and people to work dealing with the public, I noticed it was not their kids going back to overcrowded classrooms and not their wives working a waiters, store clerks, or hair / nail dressers. So they do not care if we get Covid, get sick, or die. They can afford hospital bills and the best treatment, while we cannot.

      Dennis until people wake up and stop reelecting people who flat out treat them like vermin. Look at Kentuckey and McConnell. How do those people justify voting for him? The only thing i can figure is it is racial hatred. McConnell hates the same ones they do. Other than that, it must be disinformation and right-wing media claiming Democrats hate the US and want to take all the guns while outlawing Christianity. Hugs

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      • Scottie – what no one wants to talk about is the fact that MM won in every single county in KY, including two where he hasn’t won in the past decade.
        He got more votes than registered Rethugs, and in some cases, he garnered more votes than there were registered voters, period. I was following a female journalist’s coverage of this, but I can’t remember her name, except that I think it was Alissia, or Alessia. But the proof is there, it’s just too late to do anything except investigate. But we know Biden won’t do that, and even Nancy smash won’t make mention of it.

        And exit polls showed that so many people claimed they voted for Amy there’s NO WAY he could have won, unless it was rigged. He went into the election with only 18% approval, but he won with overwhelming numbers that were almost exactly the opposite.

        And the same thing happened with Miz Lindsey of SC – he was shittin his drawers, if you remember, and crying, begging, pleading for more money, and he had an approval rating of only 23%.

        There was plenty of voting fraud, alright – 99% perpetrated by the RethugliKKKans.

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  • To me, it’s past time that reporters/news readers include the important info that the “aid/relief/assistance dollars” are we-the-people’s tax dollars, and we pay those specifically to care for our fellow citizens and ourselves at times like these. All of this has been hopelessly (purposely?) bungled by the Republicans, who act like it’s their own money, except when they’re giving it to people with yet more money.

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    • Hello Ali. Sadly what you say is too true. I wish it was not so, but I listened to TYT this morning while doing the Roundup and it made me angry that Democrats voted with Republicans to block the $2000 dollars to the people in need. Miles long food bank lines and people being put on the street daily because they cannot pay rent is nothing to the millionaires in congress. Hugs

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        • Hello Ali. Wealthy people with stock see their dividends keep rolling in or increasing and think the stock market is doing great then so must the economy be doing well. They don’t realize one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. The economy is the flow of money, the movement of money by people selling a product or service and people buying a product or service. If no one can buy, then no one can sell. Sure you can still trade the stock around to your wealthy friends, but again that is not the economy. Right now the money is not a stimulus as much as a survival payment. Hugs

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          • Agreed as to all, Scottie! Still, that money will change hands enough that some stimulation will occur; people pay their rent, landlords pay bills and buy groceries, and so on. I’m still huge on UBI, but we sure need to get on the other side of everything happening right now before starting that battle again, probably.

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            • Hello Ali. Oh yes, I am sorry I didn’t mean to imply that it wouldn’t, just that it was not the needed goal. The lower incomes paying for their daily expenses is the very meaning of the economy. As for UBI, did you read the study that came out in the last two days? It shows that not only does it provide a needed safety net, increase the economy as people buy their necessities, it also had no lessing of work or productivity. Basically it was a win in every category. But the US is so backward and so stupid with the idea of US exceptionalism that we can not see how bad we are and how much better other countries have it. Hugs

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