7 thoughts on “Newsweek: As Georgians Starve, Millionaires Perdue, Leoffler Won’t Force Relief Vote

    • Hello Shira. The article said that the two canidates in Georgia could band together and get McConnell to have the senate vote to approve the $2000 dollars to people if they wanted to do so. But they don’t want to. What they want to do is claim they support $2,000 dollar checks to people while making sure the people get as little money possible. These are two of the wealthiest members of the senate and they are of the idea that the government shouldn’t work for the people ever. Hugs

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      • Hi, Scottie: this is depressing.
        You know, every time I mention that Sorition/demarchy/citizen juries for congress could work, people say that most folks are not educated enough, not smart enough, etc, but even when I suggest a training period the idea still gets shot down. Yet, how could normal people do much worse? Especially if they believe that taking that oath of office means learning what they need to know to do the job?

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        • Hello Shira. Citizen legislatures was the original idea. The founding fathers did not intend to have professional legislators, people who stayed in office year after year.

          Next time people give you trouble remind them of people such as AOC and Katie Poter compared to barely passed legal school former judge Louie Gohmert. There are good smart members of congress and total buffoons. Ask those people why we have citizen juries that can give the death penalty or life in prison so why can they not legislate. Then remind them the Republicans this year elected several Qanon believers. Hugs

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  • Go to Ballotopedia and search for the net worth of legislators. The majority are millionaires. I imagine it is hard for them to realize what it is like in the work-a-day world. Mark Warner at $300m is the richest Senator and the third richest legislator, but he had enough empathy to vote for the relief bill.

    And maybe that show of empathy is a calculation. Work. Pay taxes. Eat. Shit. Die. Our laws are written to keep us oppressed. Brown skin above all. Poor whites, a little better. Come on, 2021! It has to get better. Give us the two Senators from Georgia and we may get back to the world before 1/20/2017. Give us four more years after this Biden administration, and we may see some progress.

    Progress. Yeah, that’s it. Progressives. Take legislation out of the hands of capitalists and return it to Congress. I look at the number of women; black, brown, and white women who have been elected in the last two cycles, and it indicates to me that the majority of voters are ready to free Washington of those white male bigots.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree with you, no way they can understand the needs of the average person. I also think they feel they are more entitled by their wealth.

      I think Kelly Loeffler with her husband has a combined worth of 800 million.

      I think the tipping point has been reached in the US. The Republicans have lost their masks and have been shown for what they are. The US is a right leaning country ruled by a right wing minority that is shrinking. That is why the leaders of the conservative movement felt the need to stack the courts with their ideologs. Because as Moscow Mitch said their time in power will fade but their power in the courts will last 30 to 40 years. As you say we are having more women in congress and we seem to be getting more progressives.

      If we get the seats in Georgia, the Democrats must do things, bold things to help the people and change the system. If they don’t the media will help the Republicans win back power in 2022. Hugs


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