19 thoughts on “Things Republicans Are Going to Pretend to Care About Again

    • Hello Ali. Ah, actually she is a Canadian male actor / comedian playing a part. But I agree I love her and the work he does flaying hypocrisy of religious Republicans. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. I stand corrected. Thanks. I took the name Deven as a male name, and put that with the creator of the personality being male, combined the two. Thanks again. Hugss

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      • Well, I was aware of the actor’s gender, but somehow his nationality escaped me. I used to read her stuff wayback when Bartcop was still alive and posting; I’d click over to Betty’s website every day. I just did, and see that it’s going to be resurrected soon! 😀 I think Betty can still be a national treasure, don’t you? Hugs back, and Happy New Year to you and all your household! May 2021 be far less worrisome.

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        • Hello Ali. I was wrong about the actors gender, sorry. Nan pointed out the character creator was a guy but is played by a woman. I always thought it was a guy, my bad. I read that she is living in the US and holds dual citizenship ( Canada allows it but the US doesn’t ) so yes we can call her a national treasure. Have a great weekend. Hugs

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          • Well, I’m open minded enough to let anyone be a national treasure when they do work like Betty Bowers! I think I got mixed up on some of that, myself. She’s been doing her thing for a long time! And, thanks, Nan! I hope everyone’s weekend is good, and hugs back.

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  • OT — I think I discovered something related to my being unable to “like” comments when using Chrome. Apparently if the blog is a wordpress freebie, everything works. If, however, the blog is a “standalone” (like yours), Chrome won’t recognize me. Even though I may be signed in to comment, my “likes” still won’t show.

    I had this hunch a couple of days ago and have been testing it. So far, it appears I’m right.

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    • Hello Nan. I am still willing to ask the chat support if we can phrase it so they can understand what we are asking? I wonder why the difference between the two? It must have something to do with the way that WordPress handles the log in? Hugs

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      • I too wonder why the difference!! And to add to what I wrote before … it doesn’t always work!! 😠

        I recently tried to “like” a comment on a wordpress freebie and it wouldn’t “take.” I had to switch to the Edge browser. This got me to thinking and I’m wondering if the theme itself plays a role … like maybe the newer themes have a glitch as related to the Chrome browser.

        Perhaps if you asked Support whether the newer themes affected the ability for a person to “like” a comment when using Chrome. Or maybe there’s some sort of glitch between WP and Chrome that doesn’t allow them to interact when it comes to the “like” feature?

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        • Hello Nan. I still have to follow up with support on the blurb thing that should show when I post something, yet doesn’t. When I do that I will ask about the like button and Chrome. Is it still happening on my blog also? Hugs

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          • Once I’m “logged in” via Edge, I can usually go back to Chrome and everything will work. Like right now, I’m on Chrome and “liked” your comment. But first thing in the AM, all bets are off — probably because I turn off my computer at the end of the day.

            I know it doesn’t use much power to leave it “on,” but I just prefer to turn it off. Maybe I should rethink this?

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            • Hello Nan. Leaving a computer on is “6 to one, half dozen the other” idea. Yes it generates heat and could take a power hit. Not recommended for laptops at all. On the other hand starting up is a dangerous time for computers as power floods into the system, hitting the circuitry.

              It seems to me you have your browser set to clean up or delete cookies / cache when you close it. Or you have a cleaning program that does so when you initiate shutdown.

              I will get it together and ask them this coming week. I went to bed at 6:30 PM last night. I slept until 5 AM today. Got up, just finished my roundup post and desperately want to go back to bed. I have the computer set to record the news shows so I may just go back to bed. On the other hand Ron only got two hours sleep last night and has gone back to bed already. He reminded me he went through this sleeping all the time this summer. Maybe it is a virus or something. Hugs

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              • No to your comments about cleaning the cache. I use the freebie of CCleaner so all actions are manual — and I prefer not to have my computer do so (in fact, not even sure how that would work — never looked into it.).

                I think I will try leaving the computer on overnight for a couple of days to see what happens.

                I really do hope you find out sooner rather than latter about this sleep thing!

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                • I think I mentioned this elsewhere in another comment … but I fixed it! It had to do with my settings for third party cookies. I thought I was being extra cautious … and I guess I was. A little OVER-cautious! 🙂

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                • Hello Nan. I use to have my browsers set to automatically empty cookies and historys when closed, but now with 77 pages to open for the roundup I changed it to remember the history as I often need to open it once, close it, open them all again or some won’t fully load. There is too much sudden information change, and it needs to have the leftover information so all it needs is to update the unloaded stuff. It is only a problem when doing over 72 pages at once and only when the internet is acting sluggishly.

                  As the sleeping thing, I agree it needs to be looked into. I slept 12 hours last night, went to bed at five and got up at five. At 9 went back to bed until around 11. Really tired right now at 2:44 PM. I made some coffee and hoping it will perk me up.


                • Hello Nan. How does the free version of CCleaner work? I have the Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18. However I am always looking for good registry cleaners. Hugs


                  • As I said, it is “manual” so you’ll need to periodically open the program to clean out “stuff” — but you do have control over what you want to clean out. Also, the program does not “automatically” update but will let you know if there is a newer version available when you open the program.

                    It offers a PC Health Check, along with options to clean out the registry of unneeded files (it gives you the option to backup the current registry), various tools for updating programs and apps, a duplicate file finder … and miscellaneous other options.

                    I suggest you download the freebie and see if you think it will work for you. It will also tell you what extras you get with the paid version (currently discounted to $19.99).

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                    • Hello Nan. I am a control freak about my computers so the manual settings on my cleaners is what I use. I do run automatic on security like malware detection and firewall. I will try it. Thanks for the suggestion. Hugs


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