5 thoughts on “Things we should be hearing, but for the “paid to say” crowd. Progressives need better messengers

    • Hello Shira. It is about framing. The Republicans, corporations, corporate news media, corporate Democrats, they all want to frame it as the Republicans do. The progressives and the real Democrats have to break free of that. Hugs

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        • Hello Shira. Great question. I do it by trying to respond to a question asked or situation given by a right winger with different framing. Simply rewording the question so the default is not the one they want, but makes the question be seen in a different light. That is about the best I can think to do. What are your tactics for a fair conversation? Hugs

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          • I usually avoid those conversations, these days.
            When I can’t, I’ve tried to ask questions that force the person to see the illogic of the source, and lead that person to the fact that the sources are either false or highly biased (but when it has worked, as with the hoax pharma post my llrd insisted on reading to me, the response was only -Oh, I don’t know, and the person left).

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