4 thoughts on “NOT SHOCKING AT ALL: Tax Cuts for Rich Increase Inequality

    • Hello recall369. 😁👍😄😏 Has anyone gotten all that promised money from George Soros that the Republicans claim he is giving out everywhere? Hugs


      • To the best of my knowledge the trickle down economic model of the Republican party is grossly misnamed. Instead of trickle down it should more accurately be called the trickle up economy. As another old more accurate saying goes, ” The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

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        • Hello Recall369. When Ronald Reagan came out with trickle down economics other Republicans such as George Bush Sr called it voodoo economics. It was laughed at. After Reagan won and became Saint Ronald the Reagan for Republicans it became the prefered way to get more of the countries public money to the wealthy. People don’t realize it is the countries money as a whole. The money a country can produce, and it use to be split much more fairly on who got how much of it. Now it is heavily slanted to the wealthy, and against the poor lower class. So now they call it theft of the money they earn to change the conversation not giving any thought to the fact of the shared infrastructure the wealthy use but do not pay their share of anymore. Hugs


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