Food Bank Billionaires



The quote in the cartoon is direct from the tortoise’s mouth.

If you make $70,000 a year or less, you’re getting a $600 check from the government. This is a stimulus to help you get through the pandemic. Does $600 help? Sure…a little. If you’re like me, that’s not even a month’s rent. If you’re a single mom with two kids, that might be your month’s food budget. Nobody’s going to refuse $600, but it’s a joke to think that’ll solve anyone’s financial woes. If you’re months behind on rent and facing eviction, $600 might get your landlord to leave you alone…for a day. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Americans need real help and what we have been hoping for is a $2,000 stimulus check. That’s not going to solve everything either, but 2,000 is more than 600. Even Donald Trump is pushing Congress to increase the stimulus to 2,000. Now…

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4 thoughts on “Food Bank Billionaires

  • This sentence in his write-up — Have you seen the lines at food banks across the country? Those are NOT Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need help. — says it all.

    So long as McConnell remains in his position, Democrats will get screwed. UNLESS … Georgia!! Fingers & toes crossed.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree. It is like Cagjr has been saying, as long as there is such a money gulf between the elected officials in congress and the average person in the country there won’t be any desire to help poor or lower class people. If everyone you know is wealthy, then everyone must have enough money, right? Hugs

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  • It seems rather strange hearing McConnell accuses Democrats of trying to help there ” rich friends who don’t need help” when he and his fellow Republicans have worked so hard giving major tax brakes to the rich and loads giveaways to there rich friends and corporations in past stimulus bills

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    • Hello recall369. Yes projection seems to be something the Republicans do to sidestep blame or to push their guilt onto the other party. Republicans know that people do not like giving public money to the wealthy, something the Republicans do all the time. So they try to pretend it is the Democrats doing it, not them, hoping the people will be angry at the Democrats. The Republicans use disinformation and fake news now without caring they are lying. Hugs

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