Republicans have diverged from humanity. All their worries and fears are projections. Some memes from


The US is the only country where people are afraid of their medical bills becuase no other leading country has for-profit healthcare.

nodynasty4us:“In fact the whole Republican Party, since long before Trump, has committed itself to the antidemocratic project of trying to create a narrower electorate rather than win a wider vote. They have invested in voter suppression as a key tactic to win, and the votes they try to suppress are those of Black voters and other voters of color. That is a brutally corrupt refusal to allow those citizens the rights guaranteed to them by law. Having failed to prevent enough Black people from voting in the recent election, they are striving mightily to discard their votes after the fact. What do you do with people who think they matter more than other people? Catering to them reinforces that belief, that they are central to the nation’s life, they are more important, and their views must prevail. Deference to intolerance feeds intolerance.”

— On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway (via azspot)


6 thoughts on “Republicans have diverged from humanity. All their worries and fears are projections. Some memes from

    • Hello Nan. Democrats are so incompetent that they cheated to win the presidency and yet forgot to make sure they won the Senate / House seats also? It is like when they say Hillary colluded with the Russians to lose the 2016 election? Hugs

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  • Hi Nan and Scottie;
    That third one is the one that got me. As you know, I changed jobs in September. Well, as a bit of wisdom to everyone, make sure you negotiate your health care! I didn’t even think on it because I’ve had insurance with the previous job for so long it was “normal” for me to have it. I’ve gone just over three months without it, in absolute terror that I would need it. I have current health concerns that I am only now able to go get care. The thing is, I’m not broke – financially – but the cost of health care can go from a couple hundred dollars to thousands in a moment. My cataract care cost me over $5000, and I had really good insurance at the time. I tremble at the cost if I had no insurance!
    The health of this country is going the wrong way. We are forced to sacrifice our physical health for fear of our financial health. And, then some dumb ass rich moron gets covid and brags how he has multiple doctors caring for him and experimental care, and how we shouldn’t fear covid!! While a guy at my work got covid and texted me to say he was on his couch, couldn’t breathe, and was scared. What could I do? I suggested he call for an ambulance. He didn’t. Couldn’t afford it.
    We Need Change!


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    • Hello Brother. You said it far better than the people on TV. We have a crisis in this country. It is unthinkable that people can work or be productive when they are overwhelmed by so many worries, including healthcare. As you know I had to wait three years for needed surgery due to the fact I couldn’t afford it. Even when I got insurance I had to wait until I could afford the copays. My health declined while I waited, as did my quality of life as I required a wheelchair and couldn’t walk. I often hear that we can not have universal healthcare due to the long wait times? I waited three years. I got my needed surgery and regained the ability to walk only after I got medicare. We need Medicare for all in this country. That is not socialism and it a capitalist healthcare system administered by the government. Hugs

      The problem is those in charge are not worried about their healthcare nor its costs. They are provided for and have the benefits of at work public provided total healthcare. Plus for the most part their families and themselves are not in any danger they do not want to be in.

      As you know I live in a mobile home park. The people here simply act as if the Covid was over. They have been gathering and partying without masks or any precautions. I have been texted by two people here that they already have it. I do know they did not wear masks and they were socializing here also. How soon before it spreads through the park?

      Stay safe brother. Hugs


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