9 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: What is normal, and can the US do it?

  • Scottie, normal in the governance of the United States would be summed up by the word SNAFU. Too many of us do not care as we are too busy in the United States of Entertainment. Too few watch news shows and too many watch pseudo news shows telling them what they want to hear.

    I knew the outgoing president would lie, cheat and bully going in as that is his nature. I do know he has never been considered the best of managers, with a greater degree in skill in selling. By the way, that is not unusual for a good seller to be a poor manager. But, what has surprised me most is what conservative pundit David Brooks called the Trump White House, “equal parts chaos and incompetence.”

    This person planned and staged what he is doing for six months, hiring 1,000 attorneys. Yet, he and his supporters did not count on Republican (and Democrat) election officials, judges, governors, secretaries of state, the AG, the head cybersecurity person, the head election officlal pushing back n him, as they remembered their oaths. Trump and his toadies have lost 59 out of 60 court cases, an unheard of level of futility. And, yet his fans don’t seem to care.


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    • Hello Keith. tRump cannot imagine that everyone is not as corrupt and as transactional as he is. He mistakenly thought that as he was in power everyone would rush to back him, to secure his favor. That these people would not pay back what he thought of as favors owed to him by their appointments he couldn’t conceive of. So he can not understand why he is not getting his own way. Laws mean nothing to him, nor does shame, and it seems that idea is spreading in the Republican tRump party. Hugs

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  • Hey Scottie — OT but I think I FINALLY figured out what has been going on with my “likes.” It had to do with my settings for third party cookies. I did a bit of investigating after your comment related to same and I think I found the problem. Time will tell, but so far, so good. (Doing a happy dance!)

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  • Thanks again, Scottie. Your cartoon round-up always picks me up.

    I agree with your’s and Keith’s summary except for the time that their plans were in place. I always remember Steve Bannon’s declaration in April of 2017:

    When Mr. Bannon, President Trump’s chief strategist, appeared in public on Thursday for the first time since the president was sworn in, it was to deliver, in his own combative way, a message of soothing reassurance to the conservative activists gathered here for their annual assessment known as the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    “Do not believe the “corporatist globalist media” that was “crying and weeping” on election night and is still “dead wrong” about what the Trump administration is doing. Inside the White House, Mr. Bannon said, everything is going according to plan. The “deconstruction of the administrative state” has just begun.” (I don’t need to explain n to you the implication of that last sentence.)

    Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway were also doing their little act. Kelleyanne explained why it was necessary for the administration to take over the GOP.

    The calculated plan to end democracy was enough to blow my mind. The fact that this took place during the Conservative Political Action Conference is itself, in an open venue, was another blow. This group of “Conservatives” were made aware of the plan to deconstruct the administrative state yet there was no effort to stop it. The NYTimes reported it, but they are not enforcers of the law. When the slave states seceded from the union, their aim was the deconstruction of the administrative state also. They never liked the constitution, anyhow. Neither do capitalist, theist, nor tyrants. Authoritarians. Oligarchs.

    Bannon is a Leninist. He was cock-sure of their plan. But as some of our democratic and constitutional guardrails started kicking in, then the need for lawyers began to grow. I am so glad Trump put so much confidence in Guilania, and that most of the lawyers of substance refused to join the cabal.

    “The best-laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong.” (The best-laid plans of mice and rats in this case.)

    They greatly misjudged the American confidence in the constitution and in the constitution itself in being able to withstand the worst assault ever. I like to think that some Republicans have begun to resist out of their allegiance to the republic. The justices I (we) feared would bow to pressure from Trump proved capable of upholding the law, order, and rightness.

    Trump still has a following of sycophants, spinless oafs, and GOP Senate enablers. Richard III also had that contingent who followed him to the last battle.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I read your comment and thought to what end does Bannon do this. I find it hard to see Bannon as a man of the people, he doesn’t strike me as a leninist. In fact he seems to despise the common person. He is definitely into power and wealth, he has been connected to the Mercers to fun his far right racist plans and ideas from the very beginning. In fact Bannon has managed to worm his way next to the wealthy even when he was scamming the average maga person on the wall grift. So I think Bannon is a die hard racist who is using the wealthy to push his racist agenda and because the racist agenda is mostly right wing he is far right. Being far right pro business is just another grift for him. IMO. Hugs


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