9 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Republicans convinced of their own superiority

  • Scottie, that false bravado blanket the outgoing president wears cannot cover his obvious weaknesses, flaws, corruption and cowardice.

    “But, Mom I didn’t lose. I won by a lot. They are stealing it from me. Wa—ah!” says the toddler.
    “Donald, go to room,” says the stern mother.

    This is what I hear when the outgoing president throwing over the checkers board in another lost game.


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    • Hello Keith. Yes tRump is sure he can make reality whatever he demands it to be. For years we have seen him tell reporters that they know whatever he is saying is true, he says something and follows it with … and you know it… or some such. I have always hated it when he does that. Telling other people what they know or don’t know when the person clearly disagrees. He is basically claiming to be a mind reader.

      tRump has always been able to force others to agree with what he claims reality is by using the same tactics he used on that Georgia phone call. Yet this time it is not working. Makes me wonder if his mind will be able to accept that? Is tRump’s belief he won the election and all his delusions because he wants it that way or is he losing his marbles? Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. Fighting to stay up, watching the maga cult try to invade / break into the capital and the capital police getting the crap kicked out of them trying to stop them. Bad blood now between the maga cult thugs and the police now. They had to evacuate the Cannon House Office Building and the maga have put up a big cross in front of the capital. tRump urged his supporters to go there from the WH. Hugs


          • I’m dumbfounded that the police were unable to stop them!!! What if they had been foreign intruders intent on killing. Yes, I know … the Senate doors are locked, etc., but nevertheless … if a true enemy wanted in, they would be prepared to do just that with necessary tools and equipment.

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            • Hello Nan. The problem is no one knows how many foreign agents were in the crowds that got in. There is a lot of intel in those offices, a lot of places where the enemy would love to put listening devices or other spy gear. Did anyone plant remote bombs? Too many unknowns. I am reading from reputable sources that there was interference on law enforcement to get to and be called out to the capital. We do know that tRump and his pentagon civilian political appointee were trying to block the deployment of the National Guard. The NG was asked for by several people the highest was Pelosi and Pence. it was blocked until the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Mark Milley ordered them deployed, something he doesn’t really have the authority to do. I read that it has been done before but not sure I remember the details. However now in the aftermath tRump’s toadie is trying to take credit for getting the NG out , even though at first he was blocking it for tRump.

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              • It’s a VERY sticky situation — and I tend to think a LOT of the facts are being buried. Trump has consistently done things “in secret” –that is, things that were never reported on– that have been detrimental to people and circumstances. Why would ANYONE think it was different this time?

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                • Hello Nan. I am only now able to get to the comments and sadly now all the things we feared we know happened. They say intelligence wise this will take years to fully fix. We know that there were two active bombs found in the congress, and at state houses around the country. We know Republican elected officials in various levels of state government were involved, and the involvement of sitting members of congress is not known but seems more than should have been. It seems now the wife of SCOTUS Justice Thomas was involved, and she is a well-known right wing activist. So much more. The Republicans worked 4 deaths at Benghazi for years and held repeated hearings, well there are five deaths now attributed to this so I expect the Republicans are demanding hearings to get to the bottom of this? Hugs


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