COVID Outbreak in Boston Linked to In-Person Christmas Eve Church Services

At this point, if you’re ignorant enough to attend an indoor church service, you can’t pretend to be shocked when there’s a COVID outbreak.

And yet that’s what’s happening with people who visited GENESIS Community Church near Boston just before Christmas. While the church said it took all precautions — requiring masks, limiting attendance, taking everyone’s information for future contact tracing — they still went through with the biggest risk of all: holding an unnecessary service.

Now dozens of people are paying a price for it:



More than 40 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in cases that are believed to be connected to those gatherings.

The house of worship in Woburn, Mass., hosted a total of four Christmas celebrations on Dec. 23 and Dec. 24

Each of those services had about 105 people there.

By the way, that New York Times report is from over the weekend. The number of church members who have tested positive for COVID is now up to 57.

The church says it’ll postpone in-person services through the month of January. That’s good. But where was that thinking last month? If this place had more responsible leaders, they would’ve instituted that rule a long time ago. The sad thing is that this church isn’t trying to be defiant. They played by the rules and attempted to minimize risk. But gathering in large groups remains the biggest risk of all, and no one had the good sense to say that Christmas services should also occur online. And while they had a mask requirement, there was an exception for anyone on stage, including the singers.

These irresponsible Christians have already infected each other. How many people in their families and communities will suffer from second-hand ignorance?

4 thoughts on “COVID Outbreak in Boston Linked to In-Person Christmas Eve Church Services

    • Hello David. That is the rub isn’t it. If they stayed on their church compound no one would care. But they leave the church to rush in to the community and spread it as they go. That is why they have to follow civil health rules, because they are mixing in with the general population. Hugs

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  • One has to give the church leader at least some credit for taking precautions (many of them don’t and just “trust “God”), but the fact remains that large group gatherings are hot spots. And, as the article pointed out, the people on stage were exempt so … is anyone surprised?

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    • Hello Nan. We must knock down this idea that the churches are somehow special and exempt from laws and health rules. The SCOTUS really hurt the nation on this topic this year when they granted in person church worship as an essential part of life? It is not. It is not food or water. It is not housing. So now we have to craft laws taking religious desire and extremes in to account. Hugs

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