New Report Warns of Christian Nationalism Spreading to States Across the Country

New Report Warns of Christian Nationalism Spreading to States Across the Country

American Atheists has just released its third annual “State of the Secular States” report on how every state (and Puerto Rico and D.C.) are affected by laws concerning “separation of religion and government and religious equality.” With most states focused on COVID, that means paying special attention to bills dealing with religious exemptions and non-discrimination laws. 2021 also means paying attention to extreme legislation designed specifically to get in front of the Supreme Court’s conservative super-majority.

The full report functions as a benevolent cheat sheet, giving you details about which states let child welfare groups discriminate for religious reasons, require religious displays (like “In God We Trust”) in public buildings, permit “faith healing” as an excuse when a child is killed, etc.



“2020 was an unprecedented year for state legislatures. Beset by pandemic closures, budget shortfalls, and the politics of the election, few managed to pass many substantive bills,” said Alison Gill, Vice President for Legal and Policy at American Atheists and author of the report. “However, 2021 will be different. The momentous Supreme Court rulings from last term, which attack church/state separation and promote a discriminatory vision of religious freedom, will shape state legislation in the coming year. Christian nationalists now have more time to introduce anti-equality legislation and take advantage of these harmful decisions.

“For years, advocates of private education and religious schools have sought to get their hands on public education dollars. Because of the Supreme Court’s decision in Espinoza, public schools are now left undefended. Expect to see a widespread effort to transfer taxpayer dollars away from public schools and toward private, often religious, schools,” said Gill. “These schools are free to discriminate, and they serve a smaller number of comparatively wealthy students.”

Do yourself a favor and at least check out how your state is doing. And if there’s work to be done, get in touch with your AA affiliate or other like-minded group and see if there’s way to push for legislation to build up that wall of separation.

2 thoughts on “New Report Warns of Christian Nationalism Spreading to States Across the Country

  • Scottie, one of the challenges is this is a solid voting block, not unlike the NRA influenced voters. Their numbers are not as large as their clout because they get to the polls. What has caused this to happen more than anything is gerrymandering. Now, more far right folks can win in a primary ousting a more reasonable candidate or incumbent. That is why so many House members are abetting the outgoing president’s traitorous acts to steal the election. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I was saying the same to Ron. The ones in the right party want to make sure they do not get primaried from their right. They no longer worry about the general from the left in these areas due to gerrymandering , as you say. That is why the more far right the better your chances in the primary, and why the Jim Jordans and other howler monkeys get into congress. We need to outlaw gerrymandering, and pass a new voting rights laws, that will hurt the right unless they move back to a normal opposition center party. The Qanon people shouldn’t and won’t be able to get elected in a non voter suppressed election. Hugs


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