A Former Christian Nationalist Lawmaker is Part of the Attempted Capitol Coup

Amidst the attempted coup of the Capitol by right-wing terrorists, one of the participants bragging about it all is former Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone, who posted this video about how he was “storming the capitol.”



… Here in front of the U.S. Capitol. Hundreds of thousands of people storming the Capitol. They broke down the gates. They’re macing them up there. We’re trying to run out all the evil people in there and all the RINOs that have betrayed our president.

We’re going to run ’em out of their offices. And we’re calling on Vice President Pence to support our president. Look at all these people… Hundreds of thousands. The fake news media won’t tell you how many people here… I’m telling you there are hundreds of thousands of people here to support our president and save our nation.

Are you with me? Until next time, in God we trust.

For those who aren’t familiar, Saccone, who was in the State House from 2011 to 2018 and lost a special election for Congress to Democrat Conor Lamb in 2018, was a frequent presence on this site as a Christian Supremacist who did all he could to elevate the Bible over the Constitution. Church and State were overlapping circles on a Venn diagram, in his mind, and he had some success passing resolutions elevating his faith.

In 2012, Saccone sponsored a resolution declaring it the “Year of the Bible” in Pennsylvania because it would serve “as a reminder that we must look to our faith in God and the Holy Scripture to provide us with the strength, wisdom and courage to conquer these great trials.” In 2013, He sponsored “National Fast Day,” saying we owe our “dependence upon the overruling power of God” and that the only nations that are blessed are the ones “whose God is the Lord.” That same year, he sponsored the “National Motto Display Act,” which would put the words “In God We Trust” in every public school in the state. (He later claimed the bill was “bipartisan” because a single Democrat voted in favor of it and that even atheists backed it, citing his conversation with an unnamed leader of the Pennsylvania Atheists, a group that doesn’t exist.) He also said anyone who opposed his bill wasn’t really a patriot.

In 2015, Saccone told a church audience that our nation needed to “return to God through prayer” because that was the best way to prevent the country from descending into a “culture of chaos and destructive behavior.”

And now the Christian activist is actively participating in that chaos and destruction because he’s a despicable human being who always used religion as a cover for his extremism. Atheists said that for years. Too many Christians let him get away with it.

5 thoughts on “A Former Christian Nationalist Lawmaker is Part of the Attempted Capitol Coup

  • The Christian Nationalists want theocracy which is another way of saying Autocracy. I’ve noticed that we haven’t heard one word of dissent, not one word of resistance from the Christian Right regarding Trump’s coup attempt. Well, of course not, they were in the crowd of insurrectionists. I think Trump’s loss and the decapitation of the Republican Senate will push the Jesus bunch back into the shadows, but they, like the Trumpets are not going away. They will not stop. They lost this battle, but the war goes on. They are after the children. Why does Betsy DeVoss want to destroy public education? Because it’s God’s will. Christian Nationalists and Republicans NEED a DUMB BASE. In order to survive, the church and GOP will step up their war on education and push for the necessity to maintain a mindset that God will take care of tomorrow–one doesn’t need to think–only obey. And we’ve just witnessed thirty thousand idiots do just that.

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    • Hello Paul. Everything you say is spot on except one in my opinion. I do not think they will melt into the shadows. They will use every act and decision of the Biden administration to bellow their talking points and shout their victimhood. Both in the means of getting the public on their side but also to fund raise. Every attack on the LGBTQ+ came with a fund raiser. Brian Brown owes the gays for his entire income for over a decade. They have seen the success of getting their people in to government positions and they are not going to let that go. They will do it covertly if need be, but they want to be the bureaucracy so they can make the rules and make it seem normal to use religious views to make rules. The tRump administration let them get entrenched and it will take a lot of work to get them out, in the meanwhile they will be plotting their resurgence if they can in 2022 and 2024.

      As for the children you are too correct, sadly. If we want to save this country, we need to fix the voter suppression, repair and fund public schools, and protect the children from forced religious indoctrination. Hugs

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