4 thoughts on “These Coup-Staging Senators are a Disgrace | Robert Reich

    • Hello Keith. One form of hell these last few days. Think it woke many of the Republican thugs up? I know only of two Republican saying they have had enough and that the president needs to go now. Hugs


      • Scottie, the GOP legislative establishment is bailing on him with the exception of the GOP congress people scared of being primaried and handful of Senators. Those who are nit hard core base are rethinking some things. As more GOP Senators call (finally) for removal or impeachment, more will take notice. But, to your point, there is still a lot of denial going on. Sadly, there will be more violence to contend with the extreme Trump fans who crawled out of the shadows. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I think how the Republican party handles the next ten days and how they respond to the rioting terrorists at the national capital will define them far more than tRump himself did. For a long time I though tRump would be the party for ever, but now I think any attempt to over look what tRump has done to shelter the party name will destroy the party even more. Party over country will be another lead weight the party is hung with in the ocean of public opinion. Hugs


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