15 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Is this the democracy the US tries to push on other countries? Is the democracy we want to spread around the world?

    • Hello Grogalot. It is starting out rather badly not just for the nation but for us personally. But we are hopeful the year will get and stay better. I hope things go well this year for you and yours. Hugs

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      • Thanks for comment, Scottie. It is hard to call it a mixed bag as most everything is bad. Many hopes for the next few years. The stench of tRump and the virulence of the virus will not be easy to dispel. Hope good luck is coming your way. Cheers. GROG

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        • Hello Grog. Thanks. We can use some. But so could the entire country. So many people in such desperate conditions, so many deaths, tore families. Hard to think this is the same nation once described as a shining city on a hill. Looked up to by so many. Best wishes. Hugs

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  • Scottie, the Gollum comic is priceless. It broke my heart to see how low this outgoing president brought us, but democracy held serve. Yesterday was so over the top it will go down in infamy, but it also will be the day the political career of Donald J. Trump ended. He will retain his ardent supporters and I worry about what could happen, but the many Republican legislators who kept their disdain for him silent to garner votes have jumped ship or are about to. Just last night a several Trump staff resigned at the events of the day. What happened yesterday is on the shoulders of the outgoing president and his sycophants. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. You would think the Republicans would run from him, but I have heard only two speak out publicly while many are sticking with him vocally. McConnell won’t allow the Senate to come back in session to deal with this. After he had to be rushed off the floor, he won’t let it happen. Instead he wants to make it totally political by making it the very first thing a Democratic Senate has to deal with. I do think the one thing saving the US at this point is Facebook and Twitter taking down tRump’s accounts. Because plans were already in the works to riot again on the 20th. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Yes last I heard they are. I am glad to see the right wing twitter Parler is being taken down by every company to do business with them. Because that was were a lot of planning for these terrorist actions were being discussed. I am sure the police / FBI has the far right web sites under surveillance right now. Unless the Republicans in congress come out as a group and forcefully denounce tRump and maga they will only further these actions. But they wont, even now they are running scared from the maga cult members. On the Sunday news shows one reporter said a congress person told her it was not political but a fear of the threats to his family by the thugs. How does a person like that stand up to a foreign government who may threaten them? Hugs

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      • Hello Nan. I changed the theme. But my picture should still be there? It did shorten the header but I had not found a picture for that yet. Is there any other bad changes? Thanks. Hugs


        • It’s another “here we go again.” I can see everything when I use Edge, but it’s all screwed up with Chrome.

          Dang Scottie! I thought this had all been worked out. Whaddayamean??!!? Goin’ and changin’ the theme! How dare you!

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          • Hello Nan. ooopps! Sorry. I thought I was fixing the problem of distortions with some cartoons I was seeing with the old theme. I had hoped it would fix the blurb problem, but it didn’t. I am at a loss as to how to fix it at this point. So I guess we look for another theme? Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. You win the prize if I had one! Yes I did. I was waiting to see if anyone noticed. I am trying to see if it will make the blurbs work when I create posts from URL’s. Plus the old theme had issues that were making me crazy. I did not know it made things look bigger, partly because the old theme was distorted when I tried to use it. Let me know if it works better for you. Hugs


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