12 thoughts on “Imagine America, would it be this?

    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes it was clear that this was a different ballgame. The security forces were interfered with and kept from responding and the onsite security was clearly split between those trying to do their job and those who were simply letting the rioters enter the building. There needs to be a lot of investigation on this. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie;
    What struck me was just how close we came to something that would have been very difficult to resolve. Simple questions of ‘what if those who went in with hand-cuff zipties actually succeeded in catching the congress and taking prisoner? Who brings pipe-bombs to a peaceful protest? Why in the world were these protesters allowed on the grounds to begin with? That’s not normal! What would the next step have been?
    It reminds me of a poor babysitter that allows the kids to play with matches then suddenly is faced with the prospect of the house on fire. We need adults in the room. We need intelligent, compassionate leadership. We need people in government who take country over party every time.
    Over these last 10 years I’ve been embarrassed and shocked so often at what our leadership has done: The cry-baby antics, the refusal to allow votes, the refusal to work with the “other side”, the lack of morality and decency, the hypocrisy, the lies, the “alternative facts”, and the refusal to be subject to accountability. It all culminated in this house-on-fire moment.
    What a sad day in America.

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    • what kills me is something Beau of the Fifth column found in an article from Politico–that Trump actually was accepting that he lost, but wanted to go out with a reputation as a fighter. And this was reported the day before the Captol Putsch or Tit Offensive happened.
      So, he instigated world-class b.s. and riots to fight for something that couldn’t be argued against anymore. He played the puppet master and got people killed.
      Ugh–you’ve been had, Trumpers! And you will never see it because it will destroy your bubble of reality:

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. true, and could still get more people killed if the threat I posted comes true. People forget with tRump reality doesn’t exist except for how he wants it to be, and that depends on how it effects him or how he can make it work best for him. He is totally transactional, which is why he can be your best friend today, and enemy tomorrow, and your friend again on the third day. Hugs


    • Hello Randy. I agree brother. I wonder how many groups were involved with this? We know the AG in Alabama was involved as was a group of them. Justice Thomas’s wife was involved in a non-profit that was also involved. People came from all across the country, stayed in hotels, and journeyed home … who paid for all that. These hotels were above the average persons price tag? The really scary thing is police in plain clothes were there and used their badges to get in to possibly let others in or to do what? One Chief of police was involved. We really do not know how big this was or what the plans are for the 20th. Hugs

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