2 thoughts on “it would take away the leverage businesses have over their employees (starvation and death)

  • I can relate to a lot of those tweets. I’m a person who got so fed up she quit her job to try and find something better, even without much of a safety net. I’m trying to get my health on track and that will help me get back to what I want, but I am that person sitting around playing video games and working outside for a bit, because I was so worn out I got to the point that I just wanted to sleep all day and not talk to anyone.

    The way work happens, some people might get paid vacation days, but they know that there’s gonna be a pile of things that need to be done the moment they get back to work, so that week of peace has been shattered the second you step into your workspace to see all the crap people are demanding from you right away. “Team” is a b.s. word that’s most apparent when someone’s vacation has just ended.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. I hope you are feeling better and staying well. The US work system now is a meat grinder for the workers and the politicians won’t fix it because the wealthy businesses want it that way. We are not a country of the people for the people, are we? Hugs

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