If Trump Is Impeached and Convicted, He’ll Lose His Post-Presidency Perks

The 1958 Former Presidents Act assures that no president leaves office without being set for life—it guarantees a pension, access to health insurance, office space and staff, and Secret Service protection for as long as he or she wants it. There is, however, one exception: These perks are only granted to presidents who aren’t removed from office in an impeachment trial.

For Donald Trump, who boasts of being a billionaire (though one who appeared to be headed for financial troubles, even before Wednesday’s insurrection), the pension may not be a big deal. It is lavish, set to be $219,000 this year, but a fraction of what Trump earns from his business. But losing the Secret Service protection might be more painful. No one knows how much is spent on protecting former presidents—the Secret Service budget for that is kept secret—but it’s not a small number. 

And not only would Trump have to pay for his own security, he would lose the ability to charge taxpayers when his protective detail stays at his properties around the globe. While in office, Trump has billed taxpayers more than $1.1. million for Secret Service personnel to stay at his properties, including renting the agency a cottage at his Bedminster golf course for $21,000 per month.

On Friday, House Democrats said they were moving quickly towards impeachment. They would need support from a substantial number of Senate Republicans in order to convict Trump; if the president were impeached but acquitted in the Senate, he would still have access to all of the post-presidency benefits. No president has ever been denied these benefits, and a government legal opinion in 1974 found that even Richard Nixon, who resigned but was not removed, was eligible.

27 thoughts on “If Trump Is Impeached and Convicted, He’ll Lose His Post-Presidency Perks

  • Good, and he’d be stuffed for a chance at the 2024 elections too which is a treat your country needs. So no pension and stony-broke after his creditors and the banks have got to him, we could see him sitting on a street corner selling shoelaces.

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      • Hello SoundEagle. Yes you are correct that some of this is an attempted grift. That is one reason he must be impeached and convicted of it in the Senate, even after he leaves office. Also he mistakenly thought that all his fights and his rants on twitter would help him retain control of the Republican party and also to increase the worth of his brand. The market for his name. Guess he did not think that out very well. Hugs

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    • Hello David. Ah yes, that would be grand to see tRump sweating life as he has made others sweat getting a decent life. Maybe that is why he is suddenly for the $2000 survival money from the government as he realizes he may need that money also? The say one reason he was desperate to stay president is the banks wouldn’t foreclose on him and he would have more power to redo his loans. Plus he would have immunity from the crimes he commits. All gone now. Do you think he will leave the country and go to maybe Scotland or and Arab country? Hugs


        • Hello Nan. The lady in charge of Scotland told tRump not to come there. Said only essential people were allowed to travel there and golf was not essential. Basically saying tRump was not essential. Hugs

          OT I found something I hate about this theme. The comment section narrows to where it is unreadable, and I don’t know how to stop it. I will have to find time to do a support chat or look for a different theme. Hugs


          • You CAN stop the comment section from narrowing … to a point. You would have to go to Discussion settings/Enable threaded (nested) comments and input a number. If you go too high, the comments will get narrower and narrower. But if you make it too low, the “Reply” option goes away — which can confuse some people.

            Bottom line? I think you need to keep looking for your “perfect” theme. 🙂

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              • I don’t think I can offer much in a theme suggestion because I’m not that sure of what you’re looking for. Also, I’m not sure that I have access to the themes available for “paid” accounts.

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                • Hello Nan. I do not mind themes available to all. I like simple themes, one large column with a right side bar. I like the posts to show something to denote a quote when one is made, but on the entire quote not just the beginning of the quote. I like the time the post is made and the categories used to show also if possible. I like the entire post to show on the page, not just a blurb with a read more button. I changed the thread nested number to 7 on the comments as you suggested. I am off to bed, I will hopefully be up to doing more tomorrow. Be well. Hugs


    • Hello Ali. Yet all day today I am hearing Republicans in congress now saying that to impeach tRump would be wrong and divide the nation. After all tRump has done to them, they are still party over country. Hugs

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    • Hello Tony. Thank you for your input. I think it is about making the presidency have a moral stance and meaning again. It shows that the country is not willing to have a thug, a criminal, a broken perverted person in that office. The US has to have standards of what the highest offices mean to us, and tRump violated all of those. By rejecting him and his actions by impeaching and convicting him we prove who we are and our better natures. However if the Republicans protect him then they show clearly who they and what their party are. Let’s hope they make the right choice. Hugs

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  • Scottie, as much as I would love to help you find a theme, all I can do is look at the pictures and the general description. If I were to “preview” it, it would assume the format of MY blog — which obviously has a different look than yours. I hope that makes sense.

    It seems so many of the themes are designed for people who want to show a bunch of images, rather than just have “conversations.”

    Just from a quick glance, it seems the WP designed themes (Twenty-number) offer more of what you’re looking for, but again, it’s something you would have to experiment with.

    I do think some of the requirements you mentioned can be set up under “Settings” once you find the overall layout that you like. That’s been my experience anyway.

    Sorry I can’t help more.

    P.S. Still can’t figure out why your top images aren’t showing when I use Chrome!!?!! 😠

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    • Hello Nan. I understand. I loved the look of my old one, the one I had for so long. I wonder if I could get it back? I still can not get the blurbs to work on my blog, can you? They show during the creating phase but when I do the publish they are gone leaving only a one line link.

      Help me understand what images do not show in Chrome? I have tried it with all of mine and the picture shows so I am at a loss. Hugs


  • Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I also recently posted an article on my blog about Trump’s second impeachment. I’m not from America so share a more external perspective, but would be really interested to hear your thoughts on my article if you have time! Wishing you well 🙂

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    • Hello Sim. I hope I have the name correct, or would you rather Levine Lowdown? I enjoyed your post and I found it very well written. I would ask next time you would like me to check out something please leave a link also when you mention it, it just saves me time looking for things. Thanks.

      As for my post above I have since found out from a lawyer that most of the things in the post above wont happen, some are not even real, and those that will have to be voted on separately. From reading your post I think you already know that. But this impeachment hurts tRump more than just legally. It hurts his pride and ego which are huge and what he cares about almost as much as money. Be well. Hugs

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      • Sim is great 🙂 Sure thing, will do! I find sometimes that if I include a link, it may end up in people’s spam comments, so I’m cautious sometimes 🙂

        Very interesting, but definitely agree that his pride and ego are almost more important to him than the legal remifications. And they are all relevant if he seeks to run again in 2024.

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        • Hello Sim. Yes the links can send comments to moderation, I have mind set to 3 links as the cut off. If you think a comment has gone to spam or moderation please let me know. I never check those files so I will miss it if that happens.

          The thought of tRump running again is horrifying. Not that I think he could win again, but because of the grifting of money from his supporters and their cult like devotion to him personally regardless of fact or reality. It has become clear that even a small amount of his supporters can cause mayhem and will eagerly do so.

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          • Ah I see, will do!

            Yes, I think it will cause us to feel like we are moving backwards. Trump has had his opportunity. It’s time for someone new, I think Trump running again would really takes us steps backwards instead of forwards

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            • Hello Sim. Unfortunately in the US we have a political party working hard to regress the country back to a time when the things they felt comfortable with were the normalcy. That is at least back to the 1950’s. Sadly that is about how old a lot of the political leadership is in the US. This group is the Republican party. They are assisted in this by Evangelical Christians who want to take the country even further back in time, to when their Church doctrines were more accepted as laws.

              tRump is a special case in that he has no ideologue except his wants and needs at the time. tRump is not mentally nor emotionally stable or well. He is driven by his ego and his need for money which he thinks gives him power and status. To him those are the same. He was a failed businessman that several TV producers wanted to use so they took him as he was going under and build a myth out of him. He believes the myth they created of him being a really wealthy great business person. But just as he burned through the money he made there, he got a gig as president of the US. He really did not want the job, it was to rebuild his brand, make his name sell for more money as he was in trouble. But he got the job. Then he realized the power of the job, being the US president was the only thing keeping him out of prison so he fought like hell to keep it.

              The Republicans and the religious people both realized that tRump was an idiot they could use to their own ends. So they did. But while the leaders of these groups understood the grift and the goal, the rank and file did not and bought the lies hook, line, and sinker. They supported and fell in love with the myths and make believe. Now we have a lot of work ahead of the country to try to keep moving to the future in a manner that is progressive for the wellbeing of the people. Hugs

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  • Hi Scottie, thank you for your very informative thoughts.

    It’s definitely been a challenging 4 years under the Trump administration, but you are very correct in how he go to power and controlled power. People have become utterly obsessed with him, arguably due to his constant presence online and his ability to feed into people’s fears that often involves nationalism.

    Now that he is officially gone, it will be fascinating to see what direction these people go. Will they quiet down until the next Republican leader, will they begin to see the value of a Democratic leader or will they continue to fearlessly support Trump?

    It’s a interesting time in history and it certainly makes the challenge even harder for Biden. I look forward to seeing what happens.

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  • President Trump has blamed so much of his woes on the ‘Deep State’; yet, my understanding of the original meaning of ‘Deep State’ is that it has to do with the fossil fuel industry and its insidious yet very effective lobbyist manipulation of governments big and small.

    It’s a very large part of Trump’s “the swamp”.

    Thus, considering the Trump administration’s increased kowtowing to Big Fossil Fuel, far from genuinely wishing to “drain the swamp”, Trump seemed quite content with wallowing in it.

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    • Hello fgsjr2015. I was unaware of where the term “deep state” had come from, thanks for cluing me in on the origin. Boy tRump was really at home in the swamp, he wallowed in stink, corruption, and was right at home with predatory creatures. Hugs

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      • A long, revelatory review (by Geoff Olson, for Common Ground magazine, 01/10/2018) of the book ‘The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy’ notes that the book’s author describes big oil in the U.S. as being a very large part of the American Deep State; apparently it’s not THE Deep State, as my post erroneously suggests.

        If president Biden’s current climate-change-concerned behavior continues long after he’s gone, big oil in the U.S. may lose its Deep State clout. But I’m definitely not holding my breath for such a permanently progressive long-term outcome.

        If you’re interested, the book review can be found at: https://commonground.ca/a-deep-state-of-confusion/

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        • Hello fgsjr2015. Thanks for the link. As for the fossil fuels I think their power has already started to wane and will disappear fast. When a major car manufacture makes the claim that it will not be making a vehicle that runs on fossil fuels with in ten years you know the game has shifted. It has already shifted over seas for transportation as entire countries were investing in electric charging stations country wide and phasing out petrol fuels. I think the US has made a turn on climate change behavior, simply because there is more money in fixing the climate we need for our habitat than there is to mess it up for the most part. Hugs


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