13 thoughts on “Never forget which Republicans encouraged / endorsed this maga sedition

  • Scottie, imagine you’re a Trump legislative sycophant quivering in fear in the Capitol Building as extremists wound up, invited and encouraged by the person you support have stormed the building. But, I am on your side they might think, but you remain in danger. Your life could have ended like four others that day. And, you still voted to keep this person as president.

    I read that Trump is throwing these folks he invited and incited under the bus today. He is attempting to absolve himself of blame, when the gasoline fumes are emanating from him. Trump put his followers in danger, yet again, having knowledge of the danger. He put targets on the backs of legislators again. He wound these extremists up like toys and put them in motion. These are sociopathic actions, not those of a democratically elected leader. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. tRump walked back that hostage video he made and went back to praising his cult members. The Republican enablers were still willing to follow tRump’s bidding in objecting to the electors even after the riot and death squads. I would think by the time you get to be a Senator you would have some type of back bone not to endorse the guy who sent people to attack you. These are not the kind of people that should be making country wide legislative decisions. Hugs


      • Scottie, that is why it is good he has been removed from Twitter, as he would be inciting more violence. Trump’s history follows a predictable pattern. He retrenches when the criticism is severe. Then he provides lip service, usually coerced. Then after he fumes more, he doubles down on the first action. By eliminating one of his avenues, he is somewhat, but not altogether restricted. This is why the threat of impeachment and removal are there – as a significant (and warranted) reminder to behave..

        Sadly, his extreme followers will harm people and get harmed in the process before this is done. And, of course, he will accept no blame, as that is what he does. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. tRump has avenues for communicating with the public but he is refusing to use them. Keith I have been asking people today, with both tRump and Pence out of communication, and Pelosi getting the Generals at the Pentagon to censor and check the orders of tRump, who is running the government? Hugs


  • I’m amazed with all the armed folks running into the building (armed in various ways) that more shooting didn’t take place. Plenty of ransacking and whatnot, but my concern is one person gets worked up and starts shooting at locked doors. Mob mentality is ugly, and it’s a deformed monster.

    I don’t understand the glee of the supporters of this madness. I guess they figure having a demagogue would be just fine because that demagogue is on their side. But they don’t realize once the dictator is in charge, all bets are off and he’s got no loyalty to anyone, especially those that helped him get there in the first place.

    I am out of words regarding how I feel about the situation. I am just feeling waves of anything ranging from fright to anger to… hell, I need to get my thesaurus out because I can’t place what this feeling is. I just know it’s negative as al hell. Hoping nothing happens on inauguration day.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. You bring up a great point, the rioters emotional attitude doesn’t match what the situation should call for. Like the woman who tried to force her way through a broken door, she got shoved back and pepper sprayed. She was shocked they would do that to her. When asked why she was trying to break in she replied because they were storming the capital, it was a revolution as if she was stunned the reporter did not get that. Why they would spray her with pepper spray during a revolution was something she did not understand. But the truth is these people are running on emotional highs. Most of them really are not running on facts, it is the feelings they get from being part of the group, the adventure. The ones taking it serious are really dangerous, but most of them had not thought past the part of the protest and trying to enter. Once they were in, they had no clue what to do next. Hugs

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      • Reminds me of the last season of Blackadder when General Melchett told the troops at the front that if things didn’t go well in the attack, he and his staff were behind them. Blackadder adds, “About 35 miles behind you.”

        I wonder how many of his fans realized as they were going to the Capitol that Dump had jumped in the limo and left in no time flat. Sheesh.

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes tRump lost a lot of supporters when he tried to disclaim the terrorist rioters. He had to walk it back and work to ensure he had their faith again, all with out twitter or Facebook. I love how many companies are walking away from the Republicans. I am stunned at how much it seems this attack on the capital had police and insider / congress people help and assistance. The panic button system ripped out of one of the Democrats progressive offices just before the attack. Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Great article. I agree. Mob rule democracy puts the thugs in charge. Republicans have set this up by gerrymandering and voter suppression, making districts where they can not lose, except primiaries to even more hard right memberes of their same party. Now those same hard right who got pushed even more hard right have gotten use to having their way and are thuggish enough to think that is the correct way to get it. They are not really hat into proper constitutional democracy, they are in to getting their own way to control others. This fear in congress is worse than just now with tRump. How can a politician scared to vote what they think is right because of fear of the voters stand up to a threat from a foreign government agents? Can you see these same politicians standing up to Russian agents, or Israeli agents? Hugs

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      • It’s truly a sad state of affairs when the individuals the people have voted to represent them are more concerned about themselves and their ambitions than they are in making the U.S. a country of respect and pride. But as many know, their actions have become the rule rather than the exception. And we the people are the worse for it.

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