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On September 11, 2001, passengers on Flight 93 sacrificed their lives to prevent the plane overtaken by terrorists from flying into our nation’s capitol building. On January, 6, 2021, the President (sic) of the United States of America sent terrorists to that same capitol building to stage an insurrection, attempt a coup, and commit sedition.

Immediately after photos were posted online of the MAGA mob breaking into the capitol, vandalizing offices, breaking windows, threatening lives, and leaving pipe bombs, the Trump cult claimed the terrorists were Antifa. Of course, this was wrong and immediately debunked.

The crowd went straight from a Trump rally to the capitol building. Donald Trump did NOT speak at an Antifa rally.

Whataboutism doesn’t justify and excuse your horrible actions. Even if Antifa burned down the capitol building last year, it wouldn’t justify what the Trump mob did yesterday.

And the sycophants online, they couldn’t keep…

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4 thoughts on “Not Antifa

  • Left this comment on his blog …

    I appreciate the point you made about Ashli Babbit in that she had sworn to defend and protect our nation from all threats, foreign and domestic. How soon they forget … especially when brainwashed by a bloated, illiterate, anti-American, self-absorbed “leader.”

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    • Hello Nan. A few years ago YouTube had a young racist come out and explain how he got radicalized and how he got out of the hate racism mindset. It is amazing how YouTube was suggesting more and more radical videos white supremacist and hate videos to young people. Specifically young people. I have not seen an investigation to see if it was deliberate or not by bad actors or something else. But you can plot a graph of downward spiral in the US politics since SPTV and right wing media. There is a reason that wealthy right wing billionaires are throwing so much money behind supporting and keeping up right wing media. The YouTube channel Prager U gets millions from the Mercer family as did Steve Bannon, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk and others. The left has nothing like this. I really wish we did. At least some decent left wing talk radio that could compete with the whack jobs of the right. A left wing education / progressive idea media would go a long way to restoring the balance in the country. But that would defeat the rush to move all the countries money, the public money , to the wealthy. Can’t have that. That what the right wing media is about, convincing people that more money to the top is the best and only good moral way to have a country. Look at the recent comments by Dylan, and his reading list. It is all about how the only moral form of government is unrestrained capitalism. Ragnarbhut was being taught the same, that any help to the people, the poor was a failing of government. We just don’t have a system to combat this yet. We better soon. We use to have Jr. colleges that did a good job, but the right has destroyed afordable college education. Hugs

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  • Back in the summer, or maybe last summer, there were some men arrested in a Southern state, pretending to be Antifa, but they all turned out to be members of white supremacist groups. This is part of their modus operandi: frame someone else or at least blame someone else, for their actions.

    See the flags. See all the patriotic symbols, along with bibles and crosses, Trump flags, guns, bombs, and sledgehammers. See the exercise of the First Amendment turned into a weapon against the very democracy it was meant to protect. See a man kneel as if in prayer, decked out to look like a colonial patriot, not with the flag of the nation, but with the flag of the would-be dictator they so love. See the hypocrisy of the church and the GOP.

    Men and women of high ambition and low character will use any means they can find to further their own ambitions, republic, democracy, constitution, patriotism, and national pride be damned.

    Rushdoony’s books have precedence over any holy scripture when it comes to the church’s place at the levers of power. Christians have developed their plans with this philosophy as it’s base.

    “One of the great founders of the American system was the Rev. John Cotton (1584-1652), who made basic to colonial government the premise that godly law and order means limited power and limited liberty. Neither man nor his civil governments have the moral right to unlimited power or to unlimited liberty. At all times it must be power and liberty under law and, ultimately, under God (Dt. 17:14-20; Pr. 8:15, 16; 1 Kin. 2:1-4, etc.).”

    “Every attempt therefore to remove this republic from “under God” means that either anarchism or communism will surely result, whether planned or not by those who strike at God’s place in American life. It is an inescapable alternative.”

    “As a result, capitalism is supremely a product of Christianity and, in particular, of Puritanism which, more than any other faith, has furthered capitalization.”

    Rushdoony, R. J.. Christianity and Capitalism (p. 8). Chalcedon/Ross House Books. Kindle Edition.

    I already hear the pleas of the seditionists that we all calm down, “Lower the heat”, as Mark Meadows puts it. Now that they have lost control of both chambers of the house and the White House, they long for “healing of the nation.” If any Democratic legislator falls for this weak ploy, they should be removed from office as incompetent and delusional.

    All over the Republican party, people are trying to justify the act of sedition as being in the best interest of the nation. Those GOP legislators, they say, had an obligation to look into the false information and lies which they told. We knew that was the purpose of the lies when Trump began telling them. They knew that was their purpose, also. They expected to reap full benefits for supporting Trump. It has been disgusting to hear those Trump sycophants now offer “thoughts and prayers” to the people who have suffered the ultimate results of harboring a tyrant. Now, they want some distance between themselves and the right-wing Christian Republican monster they created. They have spent any political capital and personal integrity they may have had. We would not have had a ‘trump’ without their enabling, obsequious, ass-kissing behavior.

    Even after the assault on the Capital, they continued in their effort to subvert the constitution. Their claim of patriotic service does not bear a critical look from the least capable of us. It has been a long pre-planned event. Their only regret now is that they will not reap the benefits of backing a tyrant. As tyrants go, he would have been, again, a complete failure. We would have descended into anarchy and soon would have been taken over by our enemies.

    All the Christians were praying for Trump to be re-elected. They prayed for President Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’s election to be over-turned. So, please. Don’t try now to give some ineffective imaginary god the credit for our Republics’ survival.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. You covered a lot of topics, but I wanted to talk about the Republicans calling for healing and forgiving now that they are not in charge. When they are in charge the investigate, bully, rant about the sins of the others, and use every dirty trick possible. When they are in charge they exclude the other party from every part of legislating. However when they lose that power they demand the Democrats not do as they do but instead let the Republicans have a lot of say and authority in things. These Republicans simply believe that they are born to be in charge, they only have the right to rule. They think Democrats should bow to Republicans even when the Democrats are in charge. I say we must investigate any possible crimes of elected politicians and if found they must be charged and punished or there is no reasons these people wont do them again. They will do worse if they get away with these crimes now.

      I get angry over that bigotry Republicans have towards anyone else. Hugs


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