5 thoughts on “The Government Not Taking Orders from Trump Anymore!

    • Hello Doug. I agree but I wonder who is running the government? Pelosi seems to have secured a commitment that the generals in the Pentagon will be a check on tRump’s commander in chief powers, tRump has given no public statements, held no meetings, has not even made announcements on cabinet replacements, no government announcements at all. Seems tRump figures if he can not use twitter he wont let the public know anything he does. But really, the government needs to function and it seems it is all down to a depleted public sector workers, the bureaucracy. Hugs

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  • Scottie — read this on my Guardian feed:

    A mysterious post appeared on the State Department website today notifying the world that Donald Trumpโ€™s term would end or, in a time warp, had indeed โ€œendedโ€ at 19.49pm this evening.

    Individuals are attempting to validate or nullify the source,

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    • Hello Nan. I am sure you heard by now that it was a disgruntled employee who was quitting who did it. What was funny about the entire thing is the tRump crew has fired so many people with any skill that they couldn’t find anyone to fix the sites for President and vice president that had been altered. Hugs

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