4 thoughts on “This was not a bloodless coup attempt

  • Scottie, well said. Five people died because of this corrupt, deceitful and ego-maniacal person and many were exposed, including his ardent followers storming the Capitol and quivering in halls. Wednesday was just the culmination of unfettered deceit. It is easy to be courageous now and condemn his role in all of this, but the red flags, even sirens, have been going off for four years. And, for those who still blindly support this person, they need to answer many questions as to why? Keith

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    • Hello Keith. This morning on a Sunday news show a reporter said that she was told by a Republican lawmaker who did as tRump asked even after the riot was because he feared threats from the maga mob towards him and his family. Threats against his family was making him challenge the electors even when he knew they were correct. This is serious if true. How can this guy be trusted to vote on any bill or legislation? What foreign country or group will threaten his family next? This makes the maga cult domestic terrorists and tRump a terrorist leader. If legislators are feeling threatened by tRump that is a crime, he should be prosecuted. And how do we keep this from ever happening again. Hugs


      • We already know of others that have been threatened … but apparently there’s no way to point the finger so it’s all just “hearsay.” He’s one sneaky bastard! Him and his mob.

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        • Hello Nan. As it is well known tRump is mob associated complete with pictures of well known mobsters at his Mar-a-Largo club and even holding business cards from the club being afraid of behind the scene threat is reasonable, yet not letting the people know how deeply criminal this president is … that I would say is criminal. I would suggest people look up a former congressman Robert Torricelli who was part of something tRump was …

          Cuba is a nice place and we should open US relations with them as most other countries do.



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