2 thoughts on “tRump mad, tRump sulk

  • Scottie, I get a kick out of reading about Trump fuming yet again in the White House over the next perceived slight. This fuming state happens with regularity per the book “Fear” by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward, based on 750 hours of interviews. The word “mercurial” is often used with Trump. As attorney Thomas Wells wrote in 2016, if you are on Trump’s good side, don’t get used to it as you won’t be there for long. I toy with what character represents Trump the most and I keep coming back to Alice’s “Queen of Hearts.” Off with their heads he/ she screams. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. One of the ways that tRump could blow off his bad mood and expell his anger was on twitter or Facebook. He can not do this now. He will have to give in person press conferences to do so. That means he is going to be stewing longer and hotter in his own juices. It is a fitting end to the non-stop ranting we have endured for four years. Hugs

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