12 thoughts on “Flexing white privilege and racism

    • Hello Ospreyshire. I read something tonight that stunned me. These racist Republican assholes were trying to disenfranchise voters of color, yet Historian Heather Cox Richardson wrote the following.

      As I watch Republican lawmakers try to slip away from the crisis they have made, I think of Black Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, armed only with a nightstick, luring the insurgents in the wrong direction to buy the time Senators needed to escape with their lives.


      I seen the video and I did not realize what he was doing. I wondered why he kept stopping instead of trying to out run them. He was so seriously in danger, so badly outnumbered. Yet he kept them chasing him until he got them away and himself back up. He deserves a medal. Hugs

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  • We have a societal problem in America. White people. Since 01/06 there is no way to deny that.

    The blood had not been cleaned up before the GOP began to trivialize an act of sedition. GOP leaders are calling for calm and explaining all the reasons we should not take any action against Trump, after the whole world witnessed him calling for a march on the capital.

    It is critical that we call those to account who have tried to pervert our democracy.

    They have removed any doubts anyone might have had as to their racial hatred. The Christian Nationalist, the white supremacist groups, proudly identifying themselves with crosses, bibles, and gang logos.
    We have been dragged back to 1860. We are seeing the church of the slavers today as it was then.

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    • Hello Cagjr. It seem the wealthy do not like this and are with drawing their funding from the Republicans. The wealthy like it when workers are kept in their place which is down trodden and powerless. The wealthy are OK using thugs and cops, often the same people. The wealthy are OK with racists cops and thugs. But now Republican elected members of congress are afraid for their lives and the safety of their families from the very maga terrorist they have encouraged the last four years. AOC chided them for fearing what she and her Democratic colleagues have been facing from the maga terrorist thugs for years. Hugs

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