8 thoughts on “It was said to be good enough for the people

      • He’s no doubt hoping he can steal some thunder from Biden. His ego MUST be fed … which makes one wonder what he’s going to do to keep himself in the headlines post-POTUS.

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        • Hello Nan. I shutter to think of the depths he will plunge. He has tried to blackmail his own family when he needed cash, he wont hesitate to do far worse to the plebs he raises money from. Even I was stunned that he set up a shell company to syphon money from his campaign to himself when he was under investigation for doing that with his inauguration accounts. The man knows no bounds. He never had any so he recognizes none. I admit I struggle to figure him out, to understand him. I know he values money over everything else but he also has no connection to family or friend other than how it benefits him. Even his kids are transactional. It is all about what they can give or bring to him. He is a bitter angry old delusional person who thinks he is or should be a king. Hugs


          • You wrote: I know he values money over everything else — and I tend to slightly disagree with that statement. IMO, Donald J. Trump values Donald J. Trump above everything else. Money plays a role, but primarily because it helps to keep HIM front and center.

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            • Hello Nan. Yes you are correct, to tRump there is nothing greater than himself. I find that a sad way to see life and your place in it. I wonder if he has shed a tear for anyone / thing other than self pity parties over imagined slights and attacks on his grand self? Does he care enough to cry for anyone not himself? Hugs

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              • Can you in all honesty ever see Trump shedding a tear for ANYONE? I bet he didn’t even cry over his father’s death. He seemingly has no emotion except ANGER … and that shows up when things don’t go HIS way.

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