9 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: No doubt the people who endorsed and advocated for this riot are guilty of insurrection and are traitors

  • From the very beginning, tRump talked about “draining the swamp.” I have yet to figure out -HIS- interpretation of “the swamp” because IMO, every individual he has placed in a government position has personified what I describe as coming from a swamp — nasty, dirty, foul, and intent on spreading their filth as far and wide as possible.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes tRump did not drain the swamp, he enlarged it and filled it with even more dangerous swamp monsters.

      OT. Pretty hard day for us today. This morning I took our old friend Milo our cat to the vet hospital to be put to sleep. I have held every one of our pet friends when the time came and I did so for him. Ron can not deal or face that situation and was very upset today. The vet office was great, and the staff so empathic and kind. They all touched or stroked Milo every time they entered the room, spoke softly and gently to both of us. Gave me plenty of time to talk and be with my friend. They listened to stories of his life.

      When I brought the carrier home empty our other cat rushed to it looking for Milo, then walked all around the house softly calling. I called him up on my desk, let him stay there for hours, then Odie and Ron went to bed for several hours.

      It hurts but it was time. I will miss him. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. It has been a hard few days for all of us. It is part of the joy of having them in our lives is the pain of losing them from our lives when they die. It is a pain we excepted, one we knew would come. Still it takes a toll. I find my self thinking of him at odd times, things he liked to do and places he liked to sit or lay. Hugs


          • Of course! Our pets leave a hole in our hearts and lives that takes a very long time to close. I dread the day that my 11-year-old miniature Schnauzer will leave this world. Fortunately, she’s still happy and healthy –and her breed generally lives a long life– but I know the day will come.

            It does eventually get easier …

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  • Here’s the swamp. All those people who opposed the electoral vote suddenly want everybody to let all this stuff go without accountability. They say punishing Trump will cause more division. They want us to give Trump the same mollycoddle treatment he got from them. Also, they are now afraid of the backwash.


    We really need some legislation that takes away the absolute immunity Trump has enjoyed. A Justice Department decision cannot be used to allow another situation like this.

    Foggy Bottom Chronicles

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree, and those that helped tRump enrage the maga’s against the certification of the election are afraid of their guilt and part in it will come out. I am reading of GOP giving maga groups tours of office locations in the days before the terrorist attacks.

      The memo protecting tRump was just a memo that Nixon’s DOJ came up at his request to protect him. It has no real strength or reasoning behind it other than no one in the DOJ would challenge it and no outside force felt they could with tRump in office. It was fear alone that kept it in force. Biden’s people have already said they do not agree with it. But I agree, the US has to come up with real laws with teeth to prevent the grifting and abuses of the office of President in the future. Same with congress. Hugs


  • Post Script:

    I forgot to pick on religion.
    There was no shortage of Christian symbols. They even held a prayer service before entering the capital building. All the white supremacists are protectors of the church. It’s part of the KKK founding documents, along with blood and soil.

    The point I want to make is the uproar in the church. Like the GOP Senators and Reps, they now disavow the very event they have prayed to God to deliver for months. Years even.

    Captain Cassidy’s blog:

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    • Hello Cagjr. Thank you for the link. I think many articles can be written on religion in politics, the current administration specifically. I think more articles can be written about Christian love when they attack others in the name of their god. Far too many do not realize how racist many churches are. Hugs


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