7 thoughts on “Daily cartoon / meme roundup: We must never forget nor be afraid to remind them of their part in all this

    • Hello Jill. Thank you greatly! The roundup is my favorite post. Even now when I am not at the computer much I always try to get the roundup done. I find with tRump off twitter I have room for non political ones, just some funny things to laugh at. Right now when I go to do the roundup I open a browser with 77 tabs. Half are editorial cartoons and the rest just funny stuff. It takes about 2 hours or more to sift and sort and them publish them. Sometimes the position and order is harder to decided than what to include. I am honored you find some worthy to using also. Hugs

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      • I must admit that Trump being banned from Twitter, not having to hear repeatedly his every utterance, has been as a breath of fresh air! I could even forget the moron exists! Well, almost. His name still tends to crop up frequently on the news sites. You do a great job with the ‘toons. I used to do a ‘toon post every week, and it took me nearly as long as a heavily-researched political post, so now I just share TokyoSand’s when I need to inject some humour. Hugs

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        • Hello Jill. The twitter ban of tRump was / is grand. I was stunned the difference. If the social media companies had shut him down or moderated him earlier he wouldn’t ever have gained such power and wouldn’t have been able to do so much damage to our country. I love TokyoSand’s cartoon posts also. Hugs

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          • Yes, it was the difference between night and day! Let’s hope that the mainstream media has also learned by their mistakes and will not largely ignore the demon, for he is and should remain irrelevant to us all. Let him go back to making television shows watched only by the ignorant fools in the country.

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