3 thoughts on “Equality

  • That’s not the same at all. An abortion is generally a surgical procedure, unless you are talking about the so-called “abortion pill”, which is still not what people usually call an “abortion”. It would make more sense if it was about birth control pills & viagra.

    However, I’ve always thought it was ironic that it’s the “will of God” for women to have children, which is why a legal abortion is just about impossible to get in America, & birth control, even with insurance, is very expensive, but viagra & other ED pills are covered by most insurances with no co-pay whatsoever. I would think that if you lost your ability to get a hard-on that would be God’s will as well but somehow I guess not. But I’m just a stupid woman 😦

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    • And it takes the “hard-on” to get the woman pregnant … even when she would prefer not to be. It’s just the usual B.S. that the “believers” like to spout.

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    • Hello Polly. What you say is true, but I think they are talking about what you mention. I think you have it spot on that this is about control of women not about gods will. I find that to the religious right the idea of birth control and the plan B medications are the same, they prevent gods will from punishing a woman for her actions, wanted or not. Hope you are staying warm up north, best to your cats. Hugs


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