Daily Mail: Man tries to enter DC checkpoint with gun and fake credentials

Man tries to enter DC checkpoint with gun and fake credentials
Wesley Allen Beeler, from Front Royal, Virginia, was arrested Friday evening as he tried to make his way through security checkpoints in downtown DC, CNN reported.

Read in Daily Mail: https://apple.news/A42uABIXoQTOCevON7iInNQ

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5 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Man tries to enter DC checkpoint with gun and fake credentials

  • Testing the system? That would be a pretty expensive dry run. Or, it could be that the general consensus is right: those people are actually that bug-shit crazy.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I am not sure of the reason behind the attempt. I think it was an attempt to get in and hide before the area was completely sealed off. I read this morning that the individual now is claiming he was lost, confused , and did not mean to go to the inauguration at all. How ever the fake invitation and papers to the event makes that claim really stupid to believe. Hugs


  • Oh Scottie, I fear it’s going to get ugly. These people actually believe they’re doing the right thing. Remember the man from Virginia, armed to the teeth, intercepted on his way to the pizza restaurant to liberate children from a mythical trafficking ring? Sweet mercy!!!

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    • Hello Notes to Ponder. Yes those people are true believers who wont quit. Either as groups or single loner attackers they will keep seeing their actions as a mission they are driven to fulfill. We need to find a way to not only defang them but to also stop the emotional rush they get from their hate and conspiracies.

      I remember the pizzagate guy. He actually got into the Comet Pizza place and fired some shots off. Ron and I plan to be low key until after Biden is in office. Just down the street we have a renter who drives an old jeep painted like the US flag and has God Trump Law written on the windows. Another guy who moved in this summer drives around on his golf cart with a big Confederate battle flag flying off the back. Crap the worst elements are moving in. Hugs

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