12 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump has done nothing good for the country and a whole lot of bad

  • Scottie, no question the damage he has done far exceeds the good. And, some of the good things he puts forth as evidence is only arguably good for narrow lenses. Having conversations with Kim Jung Un seems like a good thing, but having unprepared conversations with him and legitimizing Kim on the world stage is not good, eg. Kim used Trump to look better. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. My problem with tRump’s meetings with world leaders is not that he had the meetings, but the secrecy involved with many of the worlds worst leaders. Doesn’t it seem strange he demanded no notes when talking with Putin and Kim Un but OK with them for Merkel and Johnson? Hugs


        • Hello Keith. The last news show I was watching this morning mentioned that foreign governments are interested in sharing intel with us again if we can guarantee that tRump and his political people do not get access to it. Yet just today tRump installed a GOP political operative as the top lawyer in the NSA? tRump complained of a deep state and now has created a real one. Hugs


  • I cannot see anything redeeming in the four years. Now I am worried that the White House will be stripped of all the valuables they can carry. He is probably carving his initials into the resolute desk. I have seen what renters can do to the property in short order.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I am worried about his family helping them selves also. Not worried about him doing damage that requires effort on his part, but he could plot demanding others do it for him. As for theft I think it is a real worry. We know he tried to steal a bunch of stuff from the French embassy which was being used as a museum sort of also. There are photos of picture frames and busts carried out. Hugs


  • Nothing redemptive in his four years of chaos. A side effect that has been useful is that the real character of the GOP has been exposed. The real intention of the right-wing nationalists is the end of democracy.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes that has been something they tried to hide that got pushed out into the open. I just hope the Republicans do not get to pretend it never happened. They need to be remembered for everything they have done. Hugs


      • Unfortunately, from the viewpoint of some (I think you know who I’m referring to), “socialism” is now going to take over the U.S.

        Something I read that I wish were more widely disseminated … Socialism values the collective well-being of the community, rather than individuals.

        Of course, to many, the individual is all that is important — and the ongoing pandemic and mask-wearing is a perfect example.

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        • Hello Nan. True, and well said. I read a tweet by AOC that replied to someone who was ranting about the horror of the Democrats being in power. She listed the things the Democrats wanted to change in peoples lives such as giving these people healthcare, money to live on, raising the minimum wage, education and all the other benefits proposed. She pointed out the tragedy of wanting to make things better for people vs those who wanted to make things worse for people.

          I have never understood how the Republicans got so many people to vote and work against their own interest and well being. Hugs


          • It is a bit of a conundrum.

            As it so happens, I’m planning to write a post on “socialism” and what it really means — as opposed to what many think it means. Heather’s recent newsletter prompted the idea.

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            • Hello Nan. Times and things change. If it is a benefit I do not care what it is called. I find it funny that people reject getting something they want or need because it is from a different political party. I want a new iPhone and watch, and I don’t care if they are sold by the most die hard tRumper, I am still interested in buying them. The idea of cutting my nose off to spite my face is silly nonsense, yet people do it. I look forward to your post. Hugs

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