4 thoughts on “The warning signs before the Capitol riot

  • God and the GOP. White supremacists, Christian Nationalists, and everyday idiots come together to destroy democracy. They are determined to institute the Confederate Constitution. Maybe a theocracy. Anything that shuts down our liberty. Those misguided jerks who stormed the capitol think they would be treated differently than Liberals, people of color and LGBTQ are the most deceived of all.

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    • Hello Cagjr. These people did not even understand what they were trying to stop or change. They were just angry for one cultural reason or the other. What is amazing is the perceived privilege these people have. It stuns me the outrage these people have over being held responsible for their own actions. Hugs

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  • I agree. Listening to some of their comments to reporters it seems that they may not know anything besides ‘we are going to storm the capitol.’ Trump sent them. That’s all they need to know. Some of them may not understand what ‘white privilege’ is. After all their fretting about black men assaulting their up-scale neighborhoods, it is the white supremacists who go after the very seat of government. We have got a lot of cleaning up to do, in white society. We have nothing to hide behind now. We are the problem. James Baldwin had it right many years ago: white people are going to have to learn how to forgive themselves for slavery.

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