Bidens Mark MLK Day By Packing Food Bank Boxes

Philadelphia’s Fox News affiliate reports:

President-Elect Joe Biden spent the morning of Martin Luther King Day, Jr. in service to the homeless and those less fortunate, in Philadelphia. Biden was volunteering as part of MLK Day of Service at Philabundance, assembling boxes of food for those in need.

The President-Elect and Dr. Jill Biden were among the many volunteers at the South Philadelphia location, working together to fill boxes of food. Philabundance is a member of Feeding America, a network of food banks across the United States.

4 thoughts on “Bidens Mark MLK Day By Packing Food Bank Boxes

    • Hello Nan. I find it amazing that Biden at his age was willing to do that work. He has nothing to prove, but he does seem like the kind of person who enjoys helping others. Some politicians would do it to look good, but Biden did not publicize it like that. He doesn’t need to, he already has the highest office. So it seems genuine. Compare that to the selfish SOB tRump and his family. Everyone of them want to be elected to high office. Yet none of them did anything for anyone else, not even long enough to have pictures taken of them doing it. Shows how they look at the people and public service. Hugs


      • You have to remember that Biden is actually fairly religious (Catholic). In many cases, those who take their faith seriously (and not just for appearance sake) are often the ones who do good deeds. Look at Jimmy Carter!

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        • Hello Nan. Yes Biden seems to have what I call personal faith. His beliefs have given him strength and comfort in very hard times. Yet he never uses them against any others, and is a great supporter of equality and fairness for all. His faith has not made me scared nor made him feel his god was small and needed to be protected. He and Jimmy Carter are examples I wish the evangelicals would follow. Then maybe they would have the recruits they wish for and wouldn’t need to constantly money beg all the time. Have you noticed that Tony Perkins and brian Brown, their ilk can not send out a press release or anything with out a money beg. Biden said this, send us money. LGBTQ+ may get legal protections from discrimination, send us money. Females may have healthcare, send us money, so forth and so on. I wonder what their deity thinks of them using its name to always bego money? Hugs

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