Melania Won’t Give Jill Biden Traditional Tour Of WH

CNN reports:

Melania Trump will become the first modern first lady not to invite the woman who will replace her to the White House for a walk-through of the private living quarters on the second and third floors.

From Bess Truman and Mamie Eisenhower’s meeting, to the visit Laura Bush hosted where Jenna and Barbara Bush showed Sasha and Malia Obama how to slide down the banister in the Residence, to the visit where Michelle Obama invited Melania Trump even after Donald Trump had questioned her husband’s citizenship, this tradition has long been one of the first lady’s many unwritten obligations. And Melania Trump has discarded it.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that Melania Trump has flouted a social norm of her position. Every one-term president — and his wife — have felt the sting of defeat, but unlike her husband, none of them have refused to accept the election results.

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18 thoughts on “Melania Won’t Give Jill Biden Traditional Tour Of WH

    • Hello Nan. I seriously doubt that woman has shame for anything. Remember she came here on an Einstein visa, over stayed that visa illegally, did lesbian porn and nude photo shoots, and basks in the evangelical praise as the most elegant first lady. I just spent hours selecting a new theme and then lost the entire side bar and had to rebuild it. The other computer I am dumping for the third time today, got a nasty in it I want to dig out before I put it online. Ron is doing the final of the three coast of polyacrylic, after he did the three coast of sanding sealer on all the cabinets we bought the last few days. He had to sand between each coat. We bought 7 this time, got a great discount. We already bought 15 before this for the new kitchen he is building. It takes time. But to him that is like computers to me. To each his own right. Let me know how the new blog theme looks please. I feel like I am making progress. I feel better the last few days than I have in months. I have gotten tire but not had to go lay down and sleep. I battle through it with coffee and have gotten some things done. I hope it keeps up. None of my other symptoms have improved and my pain levels are really high the last week or so, but I feel I have more energy which I like. Hope all is well with you. Hugs

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  • Not shame for things for herself but shame because of her joke of a husband and the impeachment and the Twitter thing and all the rest. Then again …

    Glad you’re feeling better. Hope it continues.

    Do you think your computer problems might be related to the number of sites you visit? Perhaps some “bad stuff” gets in from some of them? I’m extremely careful about the sites I click-through to visit. Also, I would imagine Twitter stuff isn’t all that safe.

    Not too sure about the new theme. Seems awfully plain. But if you think it will work for you, that’s what’s important. You should probably know within a few days worth of posts and comments if it’s what you want.

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    • Also, at the top right where you introduce yourself? The image isn’t showing. It wasn’t on your last theme either. The images of people who “like” and those who comment are all showing.

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      • Hello Nan. Wow, that is weird. I moved over most of them to the new theme. I had to do it manually as switching themes made them drop off. Have you tried doing a cache and cookie clean since I switched? Is it on all your browsers? Hugs


    • Hello Nan. Some times when following a thread, or clicking on a hard right wing web site I get warnings from the different security programs, and I often over ride warnings from Chrome or other browsers because I want to see what the person has written. Most things I can get rid of easily enough. I have everything backed up, so I lose only time. The thing that bothers me is the bot thing. It doesn’t bother the computers but it makes me upset if true. Remember it is not always a true reading. I think I have been over reacting to the notice on Firefox as it is the first one I get a notice on it. But I have been reading up on it and sometimes the warning of bot traffic on one browser can be in error if not backed up by other browsers. I have been taking the one notification to be enough. Some times I get them on Chrome and then I know it is a true bot report. But what is causing it? In my reading I have read that VPNs can cause some places such as google to report false bot reports. So I have to read up on it more. I think I have been over reacting and now I will wait until both Chrome and Firefox get accused by google of running bots before I do the adapter dumps.

      This really wouldn’t be a problem if I was not feeling so tired all the time. Some times I find my self just staring at the computer screens feeling too tired to even focus.

      This weekend I will be switching the computers back to the original positions. A few weeks ago I switched them making the blogging computer the video one and vice versa. But I don’t like it this way. There is some hardware and programing differences I would have to change to make it the way I like. So I am going to have to reverse them back.

      Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs


      • I know –or at least that’s what “they” say– that VPN is a good security addition to your computer, but personally, I don’t feel I want to spend the money. Perhaps if I visited as many sites as you, it would be different but I’m actually pretty conservation in that respect.

        Re: the cache cleaning you mentioned in another comment — I do clean it out “every so often,” but since I rarely have any kind of problems viewing (most) websites, I just don’t think of it. I actually doubt that’s the problem, but I will report back. 🙂

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        • Hello Nan. I hope it is something simple as the theme seems to display correctly in all my browsers and computers. So far it seems to do everything I want a theme to do. I have not been posting much, I do hope it does the blurbs like the first theme I had did, but now none seem to do. Have you tested yours to see if it does the blurb from sites you repost? Hugs

          Oh On the VPN, I am a big believer in them. I have them on all our computers. The one I use can be set to auto for Ron so he never has to think of it, and manual for me so I can adjust things I like. One main reason I like them is it helps cut down on the data companies can reap from us internet users so as to prevent things like this. Hugs


          • Cleared the cache, reloaded your site, picture still missing. All others are there … just the one at the right top where you describe yourself. Where are you loading it from?

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              • No, it shows in Edge. However, since I figured out why I couldn’t do “likes” in Chrome –and fixed it– I haven’t been using Edge.

                Are you copying and pasting it from your gravatar page? Didn’t you originally copy the the image from your computer for use as the gravatar image? Maybe if you add it to your blog from your computer?

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                • Hello Nan. The gravatar picture is up loaded to gravatar’s website from the computer, and a widget on the blog pulls it back to the blog. But as it is working in Edge for you, and is working in Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox for me, I really think this has to be a setting you have on your Chrome. I will look at it tomorrow. I ate part of my supper and I am going to bed. I am so very tired right now. Have a good night. Hugs

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    • Hello Keith. Your comment implies you think she is controlled or swayed from what she wants. I think that is not an accurate idea of her position. Remember she wouldn’t even move to the White House with out getting an favorable renegotiation of her pre-nup. I suspect that she does only what she wants when she wants. She had the smarts to get to the US and manage to make enough money / porn to get the attention of wealthy men. That led to the marriage with tRump. He is cunning but an idiot who can not make a good deal for himself no matter how many people try to help him. Hugs


  • Shame? I doubt that. The only way that woman blushes is with a pot of rouge.

    & I do not think she’s following anyone’s directions. She. Just. Doesn’t. Want. To.

    If a controlling person told her not to, I am sure it played right into her hands anyway.

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    • Hello Polly. I agree fully with you. She doesn’t strike me as a person who cares for the niceties and social graces. She strikes me as hateful and self centered, just like tRump. Hugs


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