8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Trump’s accomplishments….

  • Scottie, on the whole, it is a good exercise. I do agree that his supporters think he did many of those things, regardless of the veracity of whether he did or it being perception. I would argue policy decisions citing where he did good versus where he did poorly, so this idea he would be viewed better except for his lying, bullying and corrupt behavior, is too generous. But, Republican Chris Christie noted that any positive view of his accomplishments is overshadowed by his negatives, especially how he chose to end his presidency. Keith

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  • Carmen included a comment on my most recent post that people should watch this video … so I tried. But I just can’t do it. As I’ve said before … I just don’t like videos! And I particularly don’t care for this guy …

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    • Hello Nan. I understand. Not all videos or posts are not for everyone. I am too tired tonight to concentrate, so I will go to your blog in the morning and enjoy your posts. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Sorry got up very late, did the roundup, went back to bed. Up now with a coffee. I am going to do a bunch of comments and then go over to your blog. I need a wake up moment to get the brain up to speed before trying to think well. Hugs

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  • Hi Scottie;
    There is, quite interestingly, a group of people who are hated by Trumpists more deeply than liberals, gays, even Muslims. That group goes by the name ‘Anti-Fascists’. Go figure.

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    • Hello Randy. They are known by their enemies? I wish the right would think of what the name means every time they start screaming they are against Antifa. Hope you are well. I had two good days and then three bad ones. I will try to chat with you this weekend, if I can wake up at some point. Hugs


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