We need to expect better conditions for our citizens. Corporations should not have this much power.


We need to expect better conditions for our citizens. Corporations should not have this much power.



Lock them up. You do the crime, you do the time.



Ted Cruz is the classic Harvard-educated elitist who talks like a moron to incite sedition and violence.


Shareholder economics is poison for our country.



15 thoughts on “We need to expect better conditions for our citizens. Corporations should not have this much power.

    • Hello Angela. I think in the Biden administration things will be different. Joe Biden has already set strict standards of conduct with his staff and hirees that he won’t tolerate them disrespecting each other or the people they work for. Decency and treating people right will be a cornerstone of his administration. He said if they talk down to others he would fire them. No backbiting or backstabbing allowed. I like that. It may not fit the modern time but it makes for a better world.

      How have you been? I hope you have been doing OK. Have a great weekend. Hugs

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      • Hi Scottie, I’ve been having a few problems but hopefully I’ll find a new place to live sooner rather than later and be able to relax for a change without fearing for my life!

        It’s good to hear Biden speaking. No “me, me, me” or “picking on me” kind of rhetoric and such a relief from the former — well, whatever he was. Criminal? Idiot? Hitler wannabe? All of the above? What a relief that he is no longer spreading his poisonous rhetoric, and yet I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him yet. Sure hope I’m wrong. Hugs!

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        • Hello Angela. As to Biden, yes it was refreshing hearing a person who could talk well and in complete sentences even with the stuttering disability that Biden has. The point shouldn’t be lost that Biden worked hard to over come his stutter and has gone on to be a world leader honestly, while tRump was born to the highest luxuries and yes became president of the US, but never managed to impress anyone in authority world wide with any kind of real work. The difference in feeling world wide should mortify tRump, but wont as he has no ability to realize how bad he was. When other countries and governments celebrate and have fireworks over your defeat it should tell you something about your self.

          Angela I am glad you have the ability to move. I have been really worried about you in that situation you are in. Of course I am upset anyone should have to live in that situation. It is inhumane to say the least. Our country is the most wealthiest on the planet in some respects yet our people live in deplorable conditions so millionaires and more can make a few dollars more. It is sickening to any real human. I think it shows really what a country we are and how far we have to move to be what some think our country is. This country is for and protects the wealthy at the expense of every other person or thing in the country. It is a soulless immoral cage to create slaves to make money for the upper level masters. We shouldn’t forget that.

          I hope things work out for you soon. Hugs

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          • Thanks Scottie. I’m more hopeful now after finding a place that lists almost all vacancies in my area, along with price and square footage. i looked up the place I’m living now and we have just over 400 sq. ft. which isn’t enough room for anything at all, but in reality they only want us to have a bed, chair, tv table, and very little else. I think we are supposed to be content sitting in front of the boob box all day, going to bed early, never cooking at all except for heating a frozen meal, and just fitting in the mold they have created for us. Might have worked when the building was erected but today we have minds of our own and want to do more than watch tv all the time. And since several of us are in power chairs we need space to park them inside the apartment. Plus. we need elevators that work, management that knows how to manage, security systems and people to patrol the parking lot, well, a lot of things that would take too much time to write down.
            You are so right about this being a country for the rich rather than even mddle class now. Definitely not for the poor. And even worse for the disabled. If I could immigrate to another country I would be there by now. Hopefully Joe will make it easier for us to at least enter other countries, and maybe even make this one a place to be proud of again.


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    • Hello Polly. I agree. But he will go to his grave without ever admitting he had no healthcare plan. Nor will his cult followers or far right media acknowledge that he was lying about it. But I do think we must keep trolling him so they never forget all the fake promises he made and had no intent to keep. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Polly was also in favor of that one. It seems to have struck a nerve. I wish there was a way to get his cult followers to see how he led people on and lied, never had any intention of producing any of them. But I think we should troll them at all times. Hugs


  • One thing I’m confident in is that Biden will (try his damnedest to) dig our collective name out of the mud on the world stage and be a world leader again, re-establishing friendships and diplomacy with other nations. That I can be sure of instead of playing it like the U.S. is a wannabe redneck version of North Korea.

    What I’m not so certain about is if that means we’re gonna stretch out our military some more, considering the decades of war-hawking and deploy troops in more places. I hope like hell Biden intends to be the most diplomatic president possible without being a doormat.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Yes it is true Biden is a diplomat and he has a lot of personal relationships with other world leaders. He is a social person who truly cares for other people, unlike tRump, so he will try to gain back the world position we once had. But remember we took a century to gain that position on the world stage and only 4 years to destroy it. We were leaders in a lot of things we are now behind other countries on and they have a head start on us. No country is going to be lectured by us on human rights or elections or even peaceful transfers of power. We have lost our moral authority.

      As for the military remember Bidens close connection to it with his son. He feels the deaths of military people far more than other politicians. He is not a war hawk, in fact he tried to get Obama to do less with the military and to pull our troops home. So unless the country is directly attacked or is required to honor NATO commitments I doubt he will commit to any big deployments. Hugs

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