14 thoughts on “Don’t let Republicans obstruct help for the people

    • Hi Scottie, Hi Keith;
      I was thinking the same thing. The filibuster has been used for upwards of 100 years, not just a new creation. I do think the practice needs to be modified. I don’t believe it should allow for “tag-team”. Further, I believe it must require an actual presentation on the issue, not just a lot of noise and a waste of time. If someone is going to monopolize the time, they need to actually do something other than read Green Eggs and Ham.
      What I also believe is that every bill that passes the lower house needs to come to a vote in the Senate. Refusing to allow a vote on something is not how things are supposed to work in a democracy. If the bill is foolish, call it out. If it is painful, there is likely a reason it is there. If it is too expensive, be a good leader and be honest about it. But, giving the extremely wealthy a tax break then saying there’s no money to feed the kids is unpopular so they just refuse to vote? Nah! That’s not the way it’s supposed to work.

      Hugs to all!

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      • Hello Randy. Thank you brother for your input. On the filibuster we need to understand what it is for and how it has been used. The filibuster was created as a way for the minority party to prevent and obstruct the fixing the Jim Crow laws and helping black people in the south. It has only been used to obstruct, to block legislation that would help people. It simple prevents the government from working. The last two decades the government basically has come to a stop, with little legislation. The party doing the obstruction has been clear even in face of overwhelming votes of the people to the contrary, Republicans only want to block Democrats from helping those people. The government needs to work again, the people should expect the government to work for them, the Republicans need to be stopped from obstructing. The filibuster needs to go away.

        As for the idea that legislation must be taken up and given a vote if it passes the other chamber I agree. Again the Republicans do not want to help the people but they don’t want to go on record of that so they simply don’t let the bills come to the floor. That is wrong, and it is not governing, it is not what they get paid to do, they are not doing their job.

        Have a good week. Hugs


    • Hello Keith. It is clear the Republicans are a dwindling party that stays in power only by restricting voting of the people. They know that they work for wealthy corporations and business owners, not the people. They depend on the people being so upset with nothing being done for them that they don’t bother to vote, another restriction on top of the ones the Republicans force on the people. The Republicans know if the Democrats make things better for the people the people will vote them into office in even greater numbers. So the Republicans must hold up anything that the Democrats propose to help the people.
      Look the niceties of congress are gone. It is cut throat now. McConnell is holding up the sharing agreement and wont even change the chairmanships. The Republicans don’t care if government functions, and it must be made to function. Nope get rid of the filibuster and let government work. I hate when people imply that both parties are the same. There is a party that wants to govern and a party that wants power, and only obstructs. Look at the hearings conducted during Obama’s terms in office, and how the Republicans fought to prevent any hearings of tRump. It is not principle the Republicans are after, it is power to obstruct the government helping the people. It needs to stop. The Republicans know that if they can keep Biden from helping the people, making things better for the people the Republicans will win back the Senate in 2022. That is what this is about. Pure obstruction. Hugs


      • Scottie, the fact the folks who told the truth knowing they would not only be criticized, but receive death threats, did so anyway seems to be lost on people. The right answer to the former president wanting to start his own party is don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Lindsey Graham says an impeachment conviction would ruin the party. Too late. Folks like you, Cruz, Hawley abetted Trump’s ruining the party. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. I agree and like how you put it. As for Graham I do not understand him. I still think tRump / Russia has something on him. Did you see his maybe drunk rambling statement on the electors where he claimed he had enough and was done? To now back to being tRump’s top supporter. Speaking of Hawley, did you see he filed ethics complaints against the 7 Senators that filed the complaints against him? Very nasty and snide way he put it. I am worried about these people, I think they are untethered to any reality or social norms past what they personally want for themselves. Hugs


      • Scottie, THIS is what is totally overlooked by most Republican voters: Look at the hearings conducted during Obama‚Äôs terms in office, and how the Republicans fought to prevent any hearings of tRump.

        The average Republican voter has NO CLUE of this type of stuff. Most of them vote Republican simply because it’s the party of their parents. And also because they’ve been sold a pack of lies about what Republicans stand for.

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        • Hello Nan. I know I have asked this before but I ask because I do not have the answer, how do we get the Republicans to see the hypocrisy of the Republicans? I am not talking the maga cult as they will never see unless it is something made up. I am talking the average Republican voter who has not tuned in or only watches / reads right wing news / opinion shows. How do we get them to see that Republicans say one thing and do another, that they have put party over country, and their personal gain over everything else? Like this crap about now that they have spent public money like crazy during a Republican presidency they are trying to stop all spending that will help people claiming concern about the deficit. They do not care about spending, they really care about what the money is spent on. As long as it is a benefit to the wealthy they are OK with it, but never must any public money go to help the public itself. Hugs


          • Some people are totally entrenched in their views and NO evidence/argument is going to change the way they see things. It’s just how some people are. Other people take a wider look and are willing to consider other viewpoints. But it is NOT easy to do this. Even for those who consider themselves more “open-minded.”

            It’s just who we are as a people, Scottie. It has to do with so many things … upbringing playing a major role … but also who we associate with, who we regard as “experts,” etc.

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            • Hello Nan. Could it have something to do with being willing to admit you were wrong? To say to the other person they were correct and you made a mistake? If you can not do that how can you accept new information or others views? Hugs

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