8 thoughts on “Republicans demanding that Biden needs to reach out to them is just another way for them to keep in power. When they win they never reach out to Democrats or feel the need to do things the left wants

    • Hello Cagjr. I agree and I wish others would see that. The Republican party got to the point that anyone seen as even being friendly with a Democrat was an enemy. The Republicans long ago decided compromise meant they got everything they wanted and the Democrats apologized for not giving in sooner. There is no give and take in the Republican world, there is only take, even with themselves. Until Democrats and others realize what the Republicans want is power, and they are willing to do anything to get it, then we are not going to make much progress to the future. Also what the left needs to realize is one of the biggest motivating factors for the Republicans is racism. As an example I will link below. That is what worries me with homeschooled religious kids, and kids like Kyle Rittenhouse, racism is always near or dear to them. Hugs



    • Hello Polly. Sorry you went through that but that is the abuser mindset. I have seen it on one of my childhood sexual abusers who told me I should blame others who hurt me but not him because he was a black out drunk at the time. WTF!


  • Scottie, I must push back on this. Our country needs less partisanship and more collaboration. Biden and Harris are ideally situated to lead us down this path. We need sustainable change, not whose in power four year change. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. We have had this discussion. When only one side is expected to give in and move over it is not bipartisanship and unity but instead surrender.

      Think of this as a bridge. Democrats on the left of the bridge and Republicans on the right. For a while most of the people in both parties were in about the middle of the bridge. Then the Republicans started to move right. They told the Democrats that they needed to move right to meet in the middle. Then they did it again and again and again. When the Republicans win they make big leaps to the right and when they lose they scream that it is unfair and the Democrats must move right to accommodate them. Accommodate them that lost! Now the parties are far from the middle of the bridge and the Republicans are crying the Democrats need to move right to be more fair. In the mean while the country is still mostly back at the middle of the bridge which is much farther to the left now.

      We have seen this game play out for 30 or 40 years. Most of my life time I have watched it. I wont play any more and I don’t want my congress people to play that game either. I do not want the Democrats to unilaterally disarm to please the opposition. The Republicans wont do it. The Republicans wont move to the left to have unity. Why is it always framed that the Republicans are correct when they lose? They need to learn to lose and to give some. If the Democrats take a step to the Republicans and the republicans take a step back and say do it again, it is not unity and bipartisanship. It is being stupid and not honoring the people who voted Democratic.

      If you want less strife and problems start with the party that contested the election and still does with no evidence of wrong doing. The aggrieved party is the Democrats and Biden, not the Republicans. Hugs


      • Scottie, Democrats must govern the right way. If they do not, they are no better than the GOP. We must have sustainable laws and changes and not see-saw executive orders. America needs the Democrats to be the adults as the GOP has decided lying, bullying, lawlessness and conspiracy are the tenets of the party. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Governing is the key. I agree with you the Democrats must govern. But that doesn’t mean give in to every demand of the Republicans. The Right wants the left to do the same things the same way the right would. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz basically whined that Biden was not doing the same things tRump did. Their entire point was Biden was doing things from the left perspective instead of the right. Cruz hit Buttigieg with that in his hearing and claimed it showed that Democrats did not want unity and healing. Get it, just because the winner of the election wouldn’t do things the way the losers wanted he was destroying unity.

          Keith it is the framing that is wrong. You say the Democrats must give in and be the adults because the Republicans won’t. That rewards the bad guys. The good guys must give in so the bad guys can have things their way after they lose? No way. If the Republicans wont be adults, punish them, make them be adults. These are well paid congress people not 6 year olds on the playground.

          The reason we have see-saw executive orders is you have one party that governs and one that obstructs. The Republicans have shown since Gingrich they are great at obstruction and bomb throwing, but they stink at governing. The reverse for the Democrats, they can govern but they stink at being the opposition party.

          So I would say America, the world, needs the Senators and House members to be adults. That incudes their staff. Hugs

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