2 thoughts on “Things Republicans Are Going to Pretend to Care About Again

    • Hello Cagjr. Yes you have it right. The framing always has anything helping the people as evil, socialism, unamerican, and everything giving money to the wealthy or corporations as job creating in the national interest. Republican framing is anything good for the people hurts the country and destroys freedom some how, yet everything that sucks all the money from the economy / country to the top wealthy is somehow a good thing. Hell the right / wealthy have made it a sin to even look at what other countries are doing to help the people in the country, to see the improvements and benefits other countries give their people incase it inspires the poor here. It is so sick, yet the poor in the US buy it. People in the US are living in horrible conditions, bug infested places where corporate owners of renter buildings deliberately infest a building so they can then hire a company to spray water claiming it is pesticide as a scheme to make more money. People in the US shouldn’t have to live this way. 50 years ago they wouldn’t have had to. That is how far we have sunk. What a sad place we have become from the shining city on a hill, and yet people still die to get here. Hugs


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