20 thoughts on “He lied again, Damn it

    • Good morning Carmen. No but on this one I was really hoping. Now I hear he is trying to form another political party to compete with the Republican party. He wants to keep power, to be a king maker behind the scenes. He wants his cult followers to keep him powerful.

      I hope he does it. As much as I do not want to hear from him and I think he and his supporters are crazy, this would destroy the Republican party even faster. Personally I would love to see more real parties in the US. Now the only way the Republicans stay in power is to restrict voters from voting. They are a minority party that is dwindling. So if the party splits into two parts it will make their demise even faster. I am all for it. Now having said that I want people to remember what I said about political parties. I want either more of them or none of them. Parties need to represent the people in them. I am a progressive. I am in the Democratic party even though the majority of the party leaders are corporate and well to the right of what I believe. So they really do not represent me. I am more of the Warren – Sanders wing. However for all those Republicans suddenly claiming to be originalist to explain their recent actions inspiring a insurrection I would remind them that the founders did not want any political parties. They worried that they would turn into what we have now. People would put party over country. Hugs


  • Scottie, it is only news worthy to say “he told the truth again.” This would be followed by Redd Foxx doing his faux heartache as Fred Sanford. “Elizabeth, I am coming to join you. This lyin’ fool said the truth again!” Keith


    • Hello Nan. Half a loaf I guess. It has been so nice to not have every thing he mouth farts being splashed all over my news alerts. I love the idea that he is trying to start a political party. I don’t want to hear from or about him but that will kill any chance of the Republican party getting members elected even crazy ones. Hugs


      • Curious … I don’t keep up with stuff as much as you so I’m wondering about him staring another party. Is this straight from the horse’s mouth or just speculation?

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            • Hello Nan. He is a puke but he would be on the inside of information about what tRump is going to try to do. tRump was known to call him all the time. Plus I have read it else where. It is in the talk phase, mostly tRump’s people are using it as a threat to people like McConnell and other Republicans to get them to give in to his wishes.

              OT. Ron has been looking over Covid symptoms and the long term health issues and what we went through this fall late summer. Ron thinks we both had it. He thinks we had a mild case that hung on, we thought it was the flu. Then as we experienced more symptoms Ron got tested but that was long after the main symptoms he had. So that may explain my fatigue and other issues right now. Hugs


              • Yup! When I read rawgod’s remarks, I tended to think similarly, but figured since Ron had tested negative –and you never go out anywhere– that it must be something else. BTW, speaking of never going out … you’ve mentioned that you’ve helped some of the older folk in your park with computer stuff. Did you ever have any kind of direct contact with them?

                Oh, and you know that one of the reasons a lot of people aren’t worried about the virus is BECAUSE it acts like the flu. As I think I’ve mentioned, this is my daughter’s take on it –primarily because some people around her have tested positive but all they suffered was flu-like symptoms. So … “It’s just the flu, mom.”

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                • Hello Nan. Yes I have had to go to a few homes. They know my mask policy but while I was at one home the person had a friend stop by unmasked. The home owner took her mask off and they start to visit in the room behind me. I left for the day, went back a different day. The thing is Ron and I blamed all the symptoms on other things, like allergies or his bad lungs. So many things come back to Covid for both of us. However I doubt we will ever know at this point. For me I feel better some days but even today I had to go back to bed this afternoon and today was one of my better days. I could go back to bed right now but struggling to stay up. Oh Ron just told me the person we are talking about got his second COVID-19 shot today. Ron waited on line for 2 hours Monday on the local Publix web site as they filled 75+ thousand slots. He did not get one. His sister in Texas has done the online wait three times and still not made it. It is like winning the lottery. Hugs

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                  • It’s the same with us. (I may have shared this before … )

                    A year ago January, I got a REALLY bad cough and felt terrible for about 10 days. After about a week, my other-half got super bad sick … and lost his sense of taste and smell. Of course, at the time none of this had been talked about so we just figured it was just another bad asthma attack, along with the flu.

                    You’re probably suffering from a lot of after-effects because of your overall health situation. They say this has happened with others who have had the virus. In any case, I DO hope you start feeling better … SOON!!

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                    • Hello Nan. Did either you or your husband have long lasting after effects? Ron and I had so many similar symptoms it seems it must be we shared the Covid. Such as we both had elevated liver enzymes for no discernable reasons. Both had / have fatigue, confusion, soreness, aches and so forth. During the flu part we had flu symptoms but it is the lingering ones we are battling now. Hugs


                    • It’s difficult to recall for sure –partly because of time and partly because virus after-effects weren’t in the news then– but my other-half fought with whatever it was for at least six weeks. And of course, after that, it took some time before he felt “normal” again. But he never had any lingering effects once he got ‘over it.’

                      As for me, I tend to be fairly healthy so if I had it, it was comparatively mild and I had no more after-effects than the usual tiredness from being sick … which “they” say is normal for healthy individuals who contract the virus.

                      I would tend to think you guys did have Covid because the lingering effects you’re both feeling would be related to your personal health situations. It is, however, somewhat unsettling that YOU are still feeling so tired and drug-out. But then again, from what you’ve shared, there’s a lot going on in that body of yours …

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              • I guess we’ll eventually know one way or the other at some point in the future. In many ways, it might be a good thing since it would create some schisms in the existing Republican party. Another thing — Trump’s support percentages weren’t all that great so it would seem “his” party wouldn’t be that big of a threat. Or am I missing something?

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                • Hello Nan. One of the news shows, I forget if it was CNN or one of the others. They said the Republican party is split 17% tRumpism and 17% classic Republican. So if tRump can pull even part of that each election it will make sure the Republican loses. Imagine a Republican primary where the tRump cult wins every time, you have the Qanon Republicans we have now in congress but a lot more of them. If they win the general election. Hugs


    • Hello Rebecca. Well he broke the promise then, right? The point is the same, we want him to go away so we don’t have to hear about or from him again. Hugs


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