6 thoughts on “Republicans truly are shameless.

    • Hello Keith. Yes I seen that. There were several Republicans including Rand Paul that got torn apart on the news shows this weekend. Simply put the newscasters did not let them lie and make up stuff. The newscasters kept asking for examples of fraud. If you get a chance look up the Stephanopoulos / Rand Paul interview. Simply put the news people are done being stepped all over and mistreated. They feared angering the tRump admin and held back. But even toward the end of the tRump term they were starting to push back on lies and made up stuff. I like it. Lies should be called out. Rand Paul kept trying to present the lies as not lies but just different truth / views.

      But Keith this guy has some serious issues to address. He claimed a lot of things on his resume that are lies. The fact that he was rejected for military academy before he was paralyzed not after for one thing. Several Republicans are now being looked at for stolen valor issues. Why is it that the Republican party attracts these people? Hugs


      • Scottie, I recognize they have rationalizers in the conservative media, but why do politicians/ staff choose to look like fools defending lies or inanities so as not to offend an untruthful former president. I read Trump is fuming that Fauci and Birx are freed up to tell the truth. So what? He is always fuming about some actual or perceived slight. Keith

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        • Hello Keith. Yes tRump is always fuming. I think the reason these politicians and staff still try to court tRump to get his positive influence and his followers for their next election. tRump is hyping his ability to either bring his followers to vote for or against Republicans running for office, and tRump is trying to set himself up as a behind the scenes king maker. It is sad that these people running for such powerful high office are scared of someone like tRump and are willing to kowtow to him. Hugs

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