8 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The US moves slowly into the progressive future

    • Hello Keith. I agree. It is refreshing to have a President that can speak in full sentences and cares more about the people of the country than his ego. The idea that truth and science will have more weight than feelings is another gain. This is a great start, but it shouldn’t have to feel this way. tRump never should have gotten elected. Hugs

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      • Someday another Republican will hold the office of POTUS, so we know that their influence is not gone forever. BUT … at least (we hope) whoever fills the position next time can talk in complete sentences.

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        • Hello Nan. I am not so sure in the party’s current state. I think if voter reform gets passed Republicans will need to change the party stance to attract new members. The group that looked into the loss back in 2012 said that they needed to reach out to Latinos and other minorities. They need to expand their tent, but instead they doubled down in restricting the party. Hugs

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          • Scottie, Nan, I have been periodically posting emails on select conservative TV opinion show hosts’ websites. I know I am likely getting whipped by others, but I want to register my concerns in a way that might get them heard. This is on top of my reach out to legislators. I called Liz Cheney again today to thank her for her political courage and how it saddens me that only ten GOP representatives voted to impeach. It gives me a little more sanity to try. Keith

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            • Hello Keith. Great job! I wish I had more strength right now to do battle on those sites. I use to do it and when I get over being so tired I will do it again. Right now it is hard enough just to read them.

              I admired Liz Cheney for what she did standing up for the country. I normally hate her positions on everything.

              However the backlash by tRump has caused the weak and fearful in her party to not only attack her but to withdraw any criticism of tRump. The Republicans are running back all the things they said about tRump causing or being responsible for the insurrection. The attacks on her have worked to chill any attack on tRump. That is the work of his cult supporters. That means he still has a lot of power in his party. I am not sure it is McConnell’s party yet, I think it is still tRump’s party. Hugs


          • If the D’s can kill the cheats used by R’s in elections, there is hope they won’t win again for some time. Get rid of voter restrictions and gerrymandering! We should be playing with a level field. If the R’s can’t win an honest election, it’s their own fault. As it stands right now they don’t deserve another win until they move away from conspiracy theories and lies, and move towards reality and truth.

            I am in favor of doing away with the Electoral College as well. No way a candidate with millions less votes should win an election. Sort of takes the democracy out of democracy.

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            • Hello Shell digger. I like the idea of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact which is a lot easier to get than a constitutional amendment. So far, 15 states and the District of Columbia have approved the pact, covering 196 electoral votes of the required 270 to win the presidency. So we just have to convince a few more states. Hugs


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